Are Fragnance Wow and Deepshades Leaving Echo? Reddit Reactions Explained

Fabo Deepshades
Fabo Deepshades( Source : twitter )

Currently, Reddit is going crazy over the news about the two leaving Echo. It was further confirmed when Deepshades replied to a Twitter comment, and Fragnance made a tweet about the same. 

Two years ago, the news about the two joining WOW had made a huge stir on the platform. Baximang replied, "Everyone who’s been playing since WotLK and enjoyed the paragon world first videos appreciates this" on the thread. 

Are Fragnance Wow and Deepshades Leaving Echo? Reddit Reactions

A Reddit post was made in October of 2020 where Fragi, aka Fragrance returned to Wow and joined Echo as a trial raider. Deepshades first started playing World of worldcarft casually during the wrath of the lich. In a recent youtube video, a streamer was playing a game, and one of the streamers asked a question about the fragrance and deepshades leaving echo, and he confirmed that they would no longer be playing together for wow. Someone replied shit, and the fans were disheartened to know about this news.

A twitter user said"@Deepshades7 @EchoGuild Fabo please tell me it's not true you left echo? Going to feel weird not seeing you at the next RTWF." and expressed his sadness. To which deeepshades himself replied with, "It’s true. Not playing WoW anymore as of now."

To which the Twitterati "Sorry to hear that, Fabo! Still remember when you said "mechanically not that hard" then the music starts lol Hoping Dragonflight brings back the passion for you to play for echo again!" 

Similraly on the other hand, fragrance tweeted on his recent life update that he'll no longer be a part of echo and that he's migrating country. He further added this decision of his is an outcome of his personal life. 

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Who Is Deepshades?

During the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Deepshades initially began playing World of Warcraft (WoW) lightly. When the Mists of Pandaria expansion first began, he joined his first guild at the age of fourteen. Since then, he has also been a member of Serenity, Genuine, Envy, and Rapid Eye Movement.

Deepshades spent several years raiding before briefly joining Method in 2015 and Serenity in 2016. He stayed there until May 2017, when he went back to Method. When Deepshades defeated Kil'jaeden in the Tomb of Sargeras in July 2017, it became his first kill in the history of the world. Since then, they have added a few more.

Further, he joined the ex-team members' new guild, Echo, when it was established in July 2020, but departed Method when the group broke in 2020.

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Who is Fragrance?

Swedish World of Warcraft streamer and a professional player for Method, Jimmy Lundqvist, aka Fragrance. He streams to an average of 1,179 viewers and has a bit more than 155,000 followers as of April 2020.

He is currently streaming on Twitch, and each of his streams is over 2 hours. Further, his bio says, "5x MDI World Champion | WF Raiding 2013-Present | DJ of Twitch until DMCA became Real."

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