Archie Heaton Mom; Who Is Archie Heaton Mother & Father Parents?
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Archie Heaton’s Mom is Akiko Matsuura and his dad is Charlie Heaton. They reportedly were dating and had Charlie in 2014. Since the parents are not together anymore, Archie lives with his mother.

Archie Heaton’s Mom

Archie Heaton’s mom Akiko Matsuura is an actress and a musician. 23 years old Akiko currently lives in London. She is originally from Osaka, Japan.

Akiko is working in the English Band Pre as a Drummer and a vocalist. Moreover, she has also played drums for the electronic and rock band The Big Pink. Also, she always aspired to work on her dream project, Sperm Javelin. Thus, she is also working on this as her side project.

Akiko Matsuura is also known as Akiko Keex Matsuura. Details regarding her education, parents, finances, are all mysterious.

Her career as a musician started after she met Simon Petrovich. Later they formed a band, Comanechi where Simon was the lead guitarist. The band members officially parted ways in 2013 because of some unexplained events. Before that, she was an art student according to reports.

Akiko has not been active in any of the social sites.

Archie Heaton’s Father


Charlie Heaton was only 20 years old when Archie came to this world. Charlie and Archie’s mom met in a Band and fell in love.

Father Heaton is a popular face from Stranger Things. He started his career in 2012. He used to be an active drummer of the band, Comanechi. Later, he arrived in the TV world in  2015 from the DCCI Banks series. Also, he performed in a short movie The Schoolboy.

His name rose to fame after he started working in The Strangers Things. Some of his popular works are movies like As You Are, Shut In, Marrowbone and The New Mutants.

He is active on Instagram and Twitter.

Charlie was born on February 6, 1994, to parents Crispy Heaton and Shelly Lowe. He is 173 cm tall and is 69 kg.

He has a sister named Kayleigh Heaton and Levi Heaton. Kayleigh Heaton, the elder sister is a plus-sized model, lash technician, and makeup artist. She also likes singing, acting and dancing as well.

Likewise, Charlie’s younger sister is also an actress and has worked in movies like The Limehouse Golem, The McMafia, and Vera.

Akiko’s Relationship with Charlie

After meeting in the band, Comenachi, Charlie and Akiko fell in love with each other. They were both very young when Charlie was born. At that time, Charlie used to play the drum for the band and Akiko was the vocalist. They were together while they were active in the band. However, they broke up shortly after the band’s last tour.

Rumors regarding Akiko’s pregnancy with Charlie’s child had taken heights. This was proved to be true after Archie’s birth.

The parents are not together anymore but they are still in a mutual relationship for the child. Charlie is reportedly dating The Stranger Things Co-star, Natalia Dyer.

While the relationship status of Akiko is not known to the world.