Who Is Antonio Aakeel From I Came By? British-Indian Actor Is The Breakout Star Of Netflix's Thriller

Antonio Aakeel's most recent and popular film is I Came By.
Antonio Aakeel's most recent and popular film is I Came By.( Source : instagram )

English actor Antonio Aakeel is well-known for playing the lead in the 2018 comedy Eaten by Lions and is currently well-known for his performance in I Came By (2022).

Actor Antonio Aakeel was named the Screen International Star of Tomorrow by Screen Daily for his role in Eaten by Lions . Additionally, he made cameos in the BAFTA-winning television show Three Girls and Tomb Raider. His most recent endeavor is in the movie I Came By (2022).

"I Came By" is simply a mashup of stronger thrillers.

1. Antonio Aakeel Is Young Artist At 23 Years of Age

Born in Wolverhampton, England, Antonio Aakeel spent his early years moving about the West Midlands. He was born in 1997, and as of 2022, he is 23 years old.

The actor has such a stunning physical beauty. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall (1.75 m). His physical size is 60 kg (132 lbs). He seemed more handsome because of how well his height and physique complemented one another. After receiving a one-line part in a school nativity play, he was motivated to continue acting and started performing in regional theatre. He can speak Hindi and Punjabi.

For the Birmingham Indian Film Festival's premiere of
For the Birmingham Indian Film Festival's premiere of "Eaten by Lions," Antonio Aakeel returns home.( Source : twitter )

The actor most recently made an appearance in the thriller "I Came By," which is currently hot on the internet. In the movie theatre, he appears much younger than his actual age of 23. We anticipate that as he gets older, he will succeed more and advance in his acting profession. Since a young age, he has been interested in the film industry.

2. Antonio's Career Expands A Few Years As He Receives Recognition For His Recent Role In I Came By

Faisal is portrayed by Antonio Aakeel in the film I Came By. The movie was formally released on August 19, 2022 in the UK and on August 31, 2022 everywhere else.

I Came By is simply a mashup of stronger thrillers. There are traces of Watchdogs, Don't Breathe, and V for Vendetta throughout. Oh, and a heaping helping of dubious plotting as well. The movie's potential emerges quickly but swiftly fades into forgettable filler because to an extremely unlikable protagonist, a worn-out and recycled "rich VS poor" theme, and a final act that utterly goes off the rails.

Presented Antonio Aakeel with the award for Eaten By Lions.
Presented Antonio Aakeel with the award for Eaten By Lions.( Source : twitter )

In terms of Antonio's professional life, he played Omar, a young guy on the hunt for his father, in the movie Eaten by Lions, where he received his first major main part. Comedians Johnny Vegas, Jack Carroll, and Asim Chaudhry all starred in the movie, which had a widespread cinematic release in April 2019. According to Screen Daily, Aakeel will play Ben, a heartbroken British tourist embarking on a journey of hedonism and discovery in Granada, Spain, in Abid Khan's debut film Granada Nights.

3. Actor Aakeel Is Trilingual As His Parents And Family Are From India

Antonio Aakeel was raised in Wolverhampton, England, where he was born and raised. He is trilingual in English, Hindi, and Punjabi. Aakeel is of Indian ancestry and heritage and holds British nationality. Aakeel lives in London, England, with his family.

The E4 series Skins gave Aakeel his first television role. Then he played Mati, a young refugee whose permission to remain is denied on his eighteenth birthday, in the lead role in an episode of BBC One's Moving On.

10 Things You Didn't Know about Antonio Aakeel
10 Things You Didn't Know about Antonio Aakeel( Source : twitter )

The Reece Dinsdale-directed episode was named "Best Daytime Program" at the 2018 Royal Television Society Awards. We think Aakeel loves and respects his parents more now that they have helped him on this successful road.

4. Antonio Aakeel Net Worth In 2022

Antonio Aakeel is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million as of 2022 thanks to his lucrative acting career. In addition to this, he earns an estimated net compensation of about $60,000.

His acting career is his primary source of income. He has exposed the lavish lifestyle he is currently leading, which is visible through his social media accounts, particularly Instagram. He also enjoys travelling and has frequently visited various locations.

Shared was a photo taken during a session by Antonio Aakeel.
Shared was a photo taken during a session by Antonio Aakeel.( Source : instagram )

At the Crescent Theatre as a part of the Birmingham Theatre Festival in 2015, he performed the title role of Artie in Waiting for Garbo. In a review of the performance, Love Midlands Theatre noted that the actor's "portrayal of a brash New Yorker falling apart is utterly convincing." In David Whitney's political short film The Line of Freedom, Aakeel played Nasir Baloch.

5. Antonio Aakeel Plays The Role Faisal In I Came By

Antonio Aakeel portrays Faisal in the movie I Came By. Additionally, Antonio has performed locally with the Midlands-based theatre company Round Midnight.

Antonio Aakeel enjoys sharing his on-location photos.
Antonio Aakeel enjoys sharing his on-location photos.( Source : instagram )

The movie has been getting mixed reviews with people claiming that its second half. It's unfortunate because the plot actually gets off to a great start. There is a graffiti artist terrorising neighbourhoods, breaking into houses and writing "I Came By" across the walls.

The story in this movie lacks the strength to get past the more dubious parts, and Aakeel's character is among the least likeable ones we've seen in a movie this year.

6. Antonio Aakeel Relationship With Girlfriend Amara Kissington

Since 2013, Antonio Aakeel has been dating Amara Kissington, who is also his longterm girlfriend. 

Similarly, Antonio is a really attractive actor who undoubtedly has many affections on him. His good looks and acting prowess attract a lot of attractive girls.The lead part in Guantanamo Boy's theatrical adaption was given to Aakeel.

The couple has been together for almost 10 years as both of them nativate career and adult life at the same time.

Antonio Aakeel hasn't yet uploaded a photo of his girlfriend.
Antonio Aakeel hasn't yet uploaded a photo of his girlfriend.( Source : co )


7. Meet Antonio Aakeel On His Instagram

With the username @antonioaakeelAntonio Aakeel, he is quite active on Instagram. Throughout his career, he has amassed a sizable following and fan base. He has 42 posts to date and 50.5k Instagram followers.

He frequently posts both his incredible images and his movie poster. His appearance on social media platforms is adored by his followers.

In Roar Uthaug's 2018 Tomb Raider reboot for Warner Bros., he starred opposite Oscar winner Alicia Vikander. Aakeel appeared in the 2016 BAFTA Award-winning film City of Tiny Lights, which was directed by Riz Ahmed and Billie Piper and set in London.

Additionally well-known for Granada Nights is Antonio Aakeel.
Additionally well-known for Granada Nights is Antonio Aakeel.( Source : franglais27tales )

In April 2017, the movie was released in UK theatres after having its international premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2016.

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