Anthony Elle Is The Brightest Member Of Michel Smith Boyd's New HGTV Luxe For Less Team

Anthony Elle is a designer originally from Birmingham who has joined the sets of Luxe For Less.
Anthony Elle is a designer originally from Birmingham who has joined the sets of Luxe For Less.( Source : instagram )

Anthony Elle is to be featured on Luxe For Less along with Michel Smith Boyd. Anthony joins the team as a designer.

Luxe For Less presenter has a strategy to make stylish designs accessible to homeowners of all financial backgrounds. With ideas fit for a seven-star resort, he is turning Atlanta residents' aspirations into reality on a budget that won't break the bank.

Anthony Elle will also be joined by several other designers, such as Kai Williamson, Laura Green, a licensed contractor, and his favorite partner, the 2018 winner of "Project Runway All Stars, Season 6. 

The show will be very entertaining for the viewers, and it will also be beneficial for several people. Anthony is all set to showcase his talents and show what he is good at.

1. Anthony Elle Was Born In Birmingham AL

Even though Anthony Elle is currently based in Atlanta, he was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. He later moved to Atlanta to pursue his career and wanted to get into design. 

He has always been creative and believed he would be great in the industry by showcasing his talents among the people. He has won several other shows and has had a steady career in the industry. 

He holds an American nationality and has lived in the States for most of his life.

2. He Was The Judge On Craftopia Season 1 And Season 2

Anthony Elle has always been a natural in the entertainment industry. This is not the first time he appears on the screen. He was a judge in Craftopia season 1 and season 2. 

Anthony starts off his day by posting a selfie to his Instagram account.
Anthony starts off his day by posting a selfie to his Instagram account.( Source : instagram )

Craftopia is a must-watch for DIY craft enthusiasts. Nine to fifteen-year-old children fight against one another in thrilling craft-related tasks on this youth-oriented reality TV program to impress the panel and finally win the Craftropia.

The nine to fifteen-year-old tweens are given limited time to create objects in season one and are encouraged to use all of their ideas.

Each episode has a specific topic and a set of guidelines. The crafters must hurriedly race up their carts and hand-pick materials from the studio before the challenges start.

The ultimate goal is to win over the judges, and the winner receives the Craftrophia and a considerable cash award of $5,000.

3. Anthony Elle Appears To Be In His Thirties

Anthony has been very secretive about his exact age. However, judging from his looks, he appears to be in his late twenties. He is young and talented and he comes with a lot of vision.

He is creative and has always been into designing and DIY enthusiasts. So it is nothing new that he has joined the sets of Luxe For Less along with other cast members. Even though he is always in front of the cameras, he seldom shares any information regarding his private life.

4. Anthony Is Set To Become A Household Name In Reality Television

As a DIY enthusiast, television personality, and product inventor, Elle is recognized for the personality, comedy, and style he brings to life. Anthony has carved out a unique niche in the ever-evolving realm of DIY and couture, from his exquisite work in draping to his creative hot glue gun creations.

Anthony Luxe rocks a unique hairdo with his
Anthony Luxe rocks a unique hairdo with his "black" fit.( Source : instagram )

Currently, Elle is developing his skills in fashion and décor from his studio in downtown Atlanta using his own distinct brand of creativity, sustainability, and design. The years since Anthony's victory on Season 6 of Project Runway All Stars have been spent expanding his creative repertoire.

On Single Ladies on VH1, November Rule, and The Trapp on Netflix, as well as in other media, he has contributed as a costume designer. Elle has dressed stars like Queen Latifah, Heidi Klum, Paula Patton, LaLa Anthony, Letoya Luckett, and Billy Porter for film and television.

With host Laura Rii Himaki, Elle has appeared as a guest commentator on HLN and the HBO Max hit program Craftopia, where his witty personality and engaging presence were entertaining to watch. Recently, Elle was cast in his first acting role in How High 2 on Netflix as Quenton.

5. Anthony Elle Is Big On Instagram

Anthony Elle is loved on his Instagram account with stacking followers of 43.5k. He has a verified Instagram account and his Instagram handle goes under @anthonyelle.

He is very active on his social media account and uses it to keep up with his fans every day. He posts about his day and his upcoming projects almost every day among his fans. He has a total of 72 posts so far on his Instagram account.

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