Angel Season 1 Episode 4 Bet Plus Release Date and New Season Explained

Angel series poster shared by the cast of the show on Instagram
Angel series poster shared by the cast of the show on Instagram( Source : instagram )

Angel Season 1 Episode 4 BET Plus release date has been scheduled by the network. The first three episodes premiered on January 5, 2022.

The series is about an underprivileged youth who escapes from foster care. The main character of the movie had to go through being abused in the care center.

The series will take us on a journey through the unforgiving street life and a young girl’s struggle to keep her head above water.

Her life thus far has taught her to be cautious with her trust, and she will protect those she loves by any means necessary.  

IMDB has rated the show 8.9 out of 10 which is very impressive for a new series.

Angel Season 1 Episode 4 On Bet Plus

Angel season 1 episode 4 on BET Plus doesn't have a release date yet but the cast has revealed that there is another episode coming.

The first season of the show ended in its third episode forcing viewers to wait until the release of the next episode.

The three episodes of the show revolved around her getting away from her cruel guardian Teresa.

As she meekly volunteers to take care of her three foster sisters, Sheree, Milk, and Rain, Angel wins over viewers' hearts.

Diamond and Dutch try to teach her how to navigate the streets, but she obstructs them with her conceit and inexperience from episodes 2 to 3.

Her only option is to transform into a beast because she has no money and no place to live, and Detective Monroe is after her, where the story ends in season 1.

 Is There Angel Bet Plus Season 2? 

There have not been any dates announced for the show's season 2. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled.

The first season of the show premiered on 5th January 2023. It has a lot of good reviews from the viewers who have seen the show.

The initial season is still available to stream on BET Plus, It is an original series on the streaming service. It is run by Tyler Perry studios and Paramount streaming service.

While the subscription for the platform starts at $9.99 per month and is only available in the monthly plan. It can also be taken on a yearly subscription basis where the viewers can save up to 20% and will only cost $94.99.

Angel On Bet Plus Only Has Three Episodes

Angel On Bet Plus only has three episodes in its first season. Angel is a series based on true events.

The series starts with a girl named Angel who is just 17 years old but her life has been very difficult.

It shows that she has scars across her wrist for a variety of reasons, including moving around in foster homes frequently, maltreatment, physical abuse, and a lack of relationships.

She is still trying to find reasons to live every day, even if life is so horrible that she can't even recall her birthday.

The viewers see her being surrounded by individuals who had bad intentions, including her foster mother and her girlfriend.

The lead role of the series sharing the screenshot of the show which is available on BET Plus
The lead role of the series sharing the screenshot of the show which is available on BET Plus( Source : instagram )

Angel's only option, as she has no money and nowhere to call home, is to turn into a beast and learn the streets of LA.

Unbelievably, the TV series is based on Teri Woods' "DUTCH," a New York Times best seller.

The story travels back and forth from the present to the past of how Dutch at age 14 started his life of crime, comparable to Efrangeliz Medina's figure, "Angel".

The show viewers call the series fun, gritty, and down to earth with the realities of life. Every turn seems to teach Angel a lesson if she's willing to take it.

Fans of the show are anticipating an in-depth plot of the series in season 2.

Angel Bet Plus Season 1 Cast Members

Angel Bet Plus season 1 cast members include DJ MC Lyte and Rapper Siya among others. Angel aired on January 5th with a star-studded cast. 

The cast of the film is promoting the series all over social media.

The film's 1-minute, 30-second trailer made its premiere on YouTube on January 4.

Efrangeliz Medina As Angel Alvarez

Efrangeliz Medina plays the role of Angel Alvarez in the series Angel. She was first introduced on the show in its first episode Growing wings.

She is known for her past role in All American: Homecoming and Selena: The Series. 

Efrangeliz stars as the lead role in the series Angel
Efrangeliz stars as the lead role in the series Angel( Source : instagram )

Angel marks Efrangeliz's first breakout role as a lead in a series.

Medina is active on Instagram with the user handle @efrangeliz.

Michele ‘Siya’ Sherman As Diamond

The rapper Siya plays the role of a local hustler who is always on the police's radar.

She operates a business illegally and enjoys the company of her close people when she isn't working.

The rapper posting a condolence message on Instagram to her grandmother
The rapper posting a condolence message on Instagram to her grandmother( Source : instagram )

Before working on the series she started working in the reality Tv series Sisterhood of Hip Hop. 

Her rap career has also been one of the highlights as she has collaborated with Chris Brown, Sage the Gemini, and Kriko Bangz.

Olivea Morton As Milk

Olivea Morton plays the role of Milk who is one of Angel's foster sisters who appears deaf or mute.

In the whole series, she solely speaks sign language. 

Olivea during her horse riding session with her parents
Olivea during her horse riding session with her parents( Source : instagram )

She is also known for her role in Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Yet They Speak.

Other Cast Members

  • Teresa Walker As Elise Neal 
  • Aide Price As Rain
  • Elise Neal As Teresa Walker
  • Iyana Halley As Sheree
  • Lana Mc Lyte Moorer As Monroe
  • Imani Halley Jr. As Donte
  • Jadan Daniels As Dakiya

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