Andrew Dice Clay Girlfriend Eleanor Kerrigan Tours With Him

Andrew and Eleanor had some relationship before.
Andrew and Eleanor had some relationship before.( Source : instagram )

Andrew Dice Clay girlfriend Eleanor Kerrigan is a comedian best known for her set at The Comedy Store. Andrew and Eleanor are on tour together.

Many either know Andrew for his stand-up comedy or the controversy regarding his brash and offensive persona known as The Diceman. But few people also recognize him for his acting skills.

There are very few who would remember his acting, as there are none that have been phenomenal acts. Though that did lead him to win Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor.

Whatever you remember Clay for, he was still one of the best comics from the 80s and 90s. And there were none like him.

While his recent fame is not much as he had in his young and golden age, he still is one of the best comics in the present time. Now, along with stand-up comedy, he also runs his own podcast.

Andrew Dice Clay Girlfriend Eleanor Is A Comedian

Andrew Dice Clay girlfriend Eleanor Kerrigan is a comedian. Though the pair are already separated from each other.

Originating from South Philadelphia, Eleanor Kerrigan is one of the most successful female comics currently in the States. She is regarded as one of the strongest and toughest comics.

Kerrigan started her comedic act at The Comedy Store in California. But she didn't start out as a comedic or had an aspiration for such work. She just grabbed the opportunity she was provided.

Kerrigan started out her career as an actress and had worked in many places. Though she had gained some success, she was not able to depend on the acting to take care of her.

Though her acting career was not dependable, she had acted in movies and series such as The Brothers Garcia, Entourage and Women of Wrestling.

While working in other places, she also used to work as a waitress at The Comedy Store. While she never went forward and grabbed the mic, she already had a knack for comedy.

While other comics made people laugh on the stage, she made the comics laugh at her joke inside the Kitchen. Her years of practice made her quite good at comedy even though she never performed on stage.

The female comedian had never though about starting her career in comedy.
The female comedian had never though about starting her career in comedy.( Source : instagram )

One of her biggest fans is her ex-fiance Andrew Dice Clay who always pushed her forward to take hold of the microphone and make every audience laugh out loud.

It took several years of convincing, but when she held the microphone in her hand, her act was phenomenal.

Though Clay was also the one who gave her the stage to take her first step toward being comedic. With her success, she was then invited by Clay to on a road to promote his show.

While Clay and Eleanor were friends for a long time, they were more than friends during their time at The Comedy Store. In his interview in 2016 with Rolling Stone, he blurted out the truth.

The pair were in a relationship for more than eight years and the brash comedian had even proposed to the late-bloomer comedian.

But the pair were only engaged for some and later broke the relationship. Though they never changed their relationship any more than that, they still are friends as much as they were before.

Even now, Kerrigan acts as the opening act for Clay on his every show, along with other comedians. The pair had also gone on road trips from time to time for their show.

Andrew Dice Clay Has Been Married Three Times

Andrew Dice Clay has been married three times and divorced. Clay has a new girlfriend now whom he lives with.

Like many superstars in Hollywood, Clay has also been married a couple of times. However, all of his marriages ended in divorce. Some ended on good terms, some are unknown.

Though he had been in many relationships and most of them failed in the end, he still considers himself a romantic person. But he was keen on a physical relationship with his wife to show his romance.

Entourage actor was initially married to Kathleen Swanson. The pair had dated each other for about four years. In 1984, the duo got finally married but their relationship ended up in divorce in 1986.

After ending their two-year marriage, both went their separate ways. Sometime after his divorce, he started to date Kathleen "Trini" Monica. After a few years of relationship, they got married in 1992.

Clay ex-wife Valerie is a hairstylist.
Clay ex-wife Valerie is a hairstylist.( Source : co )

They were blessed with two sons named Maxwell Lee and Dillion Scott. Later in 2002, Kathleen and Clay decided to get separated from each other, ending their ten years of marriage.

This was his only marriage that held for that long. The comedy star then tied the knot with Valerie Vasquez in 2010 after about nearly a decade without being married.

Valerie Vasquez used to work as a hairstylist before their marriage and still continues to do so. But she also has some influence as an internet celebrity.

The couple laterĀ divorced in 2014 on common terms. After getting their divorce, the pair even celebrated their divorce in an upscale West Hollywood restaurant.

Before that, he was also in a relationship with Eleanor Kerrigan for eight years. Though they did not get into marriage, they are still friends.

Currently, he is in a relationship with his new girlfriend, but he has disclosed any information about her on the internet. But the couple looks very much in love with each other.

Andrew Recently Appeared on Joe Rogan Podcast

Andrew Dice Clay recently made his appearance on one of the famous podcast channels Joe Rogan Experience.

Clay talks about having years back when Joe Rogan was still wet behind his ears. In those times with no social media platform similar to today, their action and never beef never got escalated.

Andrew talks about the time he saw Joe when he was about to have a fight with some guy who tried to interrupt while he was doing his set. This incident happened around 30 years ago.

Clay and Rogan talked about their beef about 30 years ago.
Clay and Rogan talked about their beef about 30 years ago.( Source : instagram )

During Joe's performance, a heckler interrupted his performance. Both Andrew and Joe talk about how there were really getting violent and one guy even had a glass broken with jagged edges.

Joe also talks about his experience when he and his girlfriend used to listen to tapes and cassettes of Andrew's skit and those were extremely funny.

What really have had happened between Rogan and Clay was, Clay saw Rogan who had talents and should be doing some road trips and doing some shows just outside the store.

He told Rogan about why he was there. As Joe was a young stud at that time, he mistook some things but now, both have their beef settled.

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