Amy Goodman

Amy Goodman -

One of the well-known reporter and journalist with profession, Amy Goodman is a famed celebrity from several of the sectors relating with broadcasting journalism, reporting investigations and other reforming initiatives that has garnered her with high profile status and a respected presence. With her remarkable initiations providing the world with the face of the several interventions and the broadcasting coverage like independence campaign of East Timor and reporting of Chevron Corporation in Nigeria. She also has been in the television field hosting for Democracy Now and her other associations include radio broadcasting, internet blogging and the spectacular form of reforming the investigative journalism. Having famed with wide popularity and acclaimed by high-level politicians and personalities worldwide, she has been honored with numerous awards and appreciations in her career.


She felt the verse of existence in April 13 of 1957 in the capital city of the United States of America, Washington D.C. She got raised with Jewish ethnicity in Bay Shore, New York. She attended Bay Shore High School in the year 1984 and graduated majoring in anthropology from Radcliffe College in 1984. She even was a student in College of the Atlantic based in Bar Harbor of Maine.


The hot, beautiful and gorgeous diva if her times she had her career started with highly appreciated coverage and experimental approaches in televised reporting. Het coverage of the Independence campaign of East Timor got her the popularity of the daring and strong reporter. While doing the coverage, she had to f ace harsh and severe difficulties and beaten up. In her career that had to be involved with the harsh realities of the world, she had experiences of the cruelty and devastations. She had to do reporting for the mass killings and the revolutionary movements and her efforts to take the initiative and the world made her the famous and extensively oriented reporter of the world. Her editorials and her presentations if the reports that influenced and awarded the mass of the world creating a revolutionary and supportive metaphor from the worlds made her one of the top level analyst and hoist of the field of journalism. It is the harsh reality that has to be covered and she proved herself as the best by highlighting the real world with the reality that covered the killings of several individuals and the movements and freedom of the press.


She also associated herself in direction for WBAI Pacifica Radio network  based in her hometown and created a institution of news portals called Democracy Now. The reporting and newscasts got great response and success. However, she pulled out of Democracy Now with some delusional conflicts with the network officials. While her reporting she has faced hazardous and severe occurrences and even her mates and she herself had been arrested while reporting in Republican National Convention in 2008.


Her flamboyant expressions and expertise in journalism has kept her safe ion the top level of the professional journalism and the media field. Being in conflicts, accused for substantial anti protests and her devotional freedom of press in initiative has led her with honors of several awards and recognitions. She has been awarded with Robert F. Kennedy Prize for International Reporting in the year 1993, George Polk Award in 1998, a proposed award of Overseas Press Club, which she denied the acceptance as her protest for freedom of the press. She has been honored with Islamic Community Award for Journalism in 2004, Thomasw Merton Award and Puffin/Nation Prize for Creative Citizenship in the year 2006. Apart from it her numerous recognitions include Right Livelihood Award in 2008, Glenn Greenwald recipient in 2009 and also has been honored a doctorate degree from DePauw University for the accomplishments she delivered in the field of journalism and reporting. The proud recipient of the Gandhi Peace award, which she was a deserving candidate for her sustainably appealing approach in sustaining and creating the environment of peace on the several parts of the world and her initiative fort the freedom of peace and press. She has delivered her versatility in narration of One Bright Shining Moment: The Forgotten Summer of George McGovern which was awarded the Best Documentary.


Amy Goodman personal life is kept private as having related with the field of severe and provocative reporting it is essential to liver a live in privacy for her security issues. The fact about her relationship, her marriage and husband is not published to the media. However, the information regarding her biography and her accomplishments can be found in wiki.