Fans Are Convinced Amber Riley Is Harp In Masked Singer As Family Details Are Revealed

Amber Riley appreciates all the female supporters
Amber Riley appreciates all the female supporters( Source : instagram )

Amber Riley is an American actress and singer born to her mother, Tiny Hightower. Amber was born into a family following a business but has chosen to follow a different interest: singing.

Her parents are Elwin Riley and Tiny. It has already been established that she recently appeared in The Masked Singer behind Harp. Fans of The Masked Singer also agree that the Harp outfit belongs to Glee actress Amber Riley.

Fans predicted that Amber was in the outfit even before the season began. Not only did they think her physique matched the actress's, but they also thought the participant in The Masked Singer had an exact vocal match with Amber.

Amber Riley Was Born To Mother Tiny Hightower

Amber Riley was born in California to her mother, Tiny Hightower, and father, Elwin Riley. She was raised in a stable Christian family in Los Angeles and was born on February 15, 1986.

She is currently 36 years old. Elwin Riley, Riley's father, is a businessman by trade, and Tiny Hightower, Riley's mother, is an employed housewife.  

Amber Riley posted a picture with her father to celebrate Father's Day
Amber Riley posted a picture with her father to celebrate Father's Day ( Source : instagram )

She has also been blessed with Toiya and Ashley, her two older sisters. When Riley was 17 years old, during the program's second season, the producers rejected her audition for American Idol.

Amber and her father have a good relationship, and Amber posted a photo of them on Father's Day on Instagram to wish him a Happy Father's Day. Many of her fans have left such kind comments on the relationship between their father and daughter.

Is Amber Riley Harp In Masked Singer?

Numerous followers of The Masked Singer agree on two points: (1) Ken Jeong is frequently mistaken, and (2) Amber Riley is unquestionably the Harp from season 8.

Viewers knew the Glee star was in a glitzy outfit before the season started because of her voice. And the Amber Riley ideas have only deepened now that the show has three episodes' worth of hints and performances.

But if you're still unsure of Harp's identity, this is all the proof you need. The Masked Singer could benefit greatly from the appearance of Glee star Amber Riley, who is thought to be behind the Harp outfit, according to fan speculation.

Amber Riley is at Universal Studios for the first time
Amber Riley is at Universal Studios for the first time ( Source : instagram )

One of the first outfits people noticed in The Masked Singer Season 8 preview was Harp. She was the first participant of the season to expose their voice, and fans heard her sing for the first time in another trailer.

Fans had previously guessed that Amber was in the costume before the season started. They didn't just think the contestant's physique resembled the actress's; they also thought her voice matched Amber's.

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