Legendary Opera Singer Amanda Aldridge Family Today, Did She Have Children?

Popular singer Amanda Aldridge
Popular singer Amanda Aldridge ( Source : bollywoodpunch )

Amanda Aldridge was an Afro-British opera performer and teacher. Under Montague Ring's alias, she composed lover ballads, suites, sambas, and light symphonic compositions.

At the age of 88, she made her first appearance on British television on the show Music for You. American singer Muriel Smith performed her song Little Southern Love Song at the time.

Aldridge released approximately 30 songs and dozens of instrumental tracks during her six-decade career. She created romantic parlor music, a popular genre among the middle class at the time, by combining numerous rhythmic influences and genres with poetry by black American authors.

She had composed many chartbuster songs, including ALIAssyrian, Love's Golden Day, Blue Days of June, and many more. She had also performed in several shows and concerts, raising a significant amount of money, donations, and charity for the poor.

Amanda Aldridge's Family Today

Amanda Aldridge was the third child of famous African-American actor Ira Frederick Aldridge and his Swedish second wife, Amanda Brandt, and was born on March 10, 1866, in Upper Norwood, London.

She has two sisters named Rachael and Luranah and two brothers named Ira Frederick and Daniel Ira. 

At the popular Royal College of Music in London, Aldridge studied voice with Jenny Lind and George Henschel and harmony and counterpoint with Frederick Bridge and Francis Edward Gladstone.

After finishing her education, Aldridge worked as a concert singer, piano accompanist, and voice teacher.

Her performance appearances were closed due to a throat issue, so she switched to teaching and published roughly thirty songs in the romantic parlor style and instrumental music in other styles between 1907 and 1925.

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Did Amanda Aldridge Have Children?

Amanda Aldridge, whose lyrics and voice shook the globe, was never married and had no children when she died.

There is no information about the late legend's spouse or children. Amanda was completely devoted to her music. She devoted her life to the arts till she died.

She was more committed to her job than she was to any form of romance when she was alive. 

Furthermore, she liked to keep her private life out of the spotlight, which is one of the reasons there is no information about her previous relationships.

Amanda Aldridge's Cause Of Death

Amanda died in London on March 9, 1956, after a brief illness. However, we have no idea what kind of disease she was suffering from prior to her death.

Similarly, many of her fans believe her death was caused by old age. 

Amanda's remembrance tweet from a fan
Amanda's remembrance tweet from a fan( Source : jagranjosh )

Moreover, Amanda's work continues to inspire her fans to this day.

Many of her fans have expressed their condolences in the wake of her passing. The music and education industries both suffered a significant setback as a result of this.

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