Alexa Bliss New Look Amid Plastic Surgery Rumors Explained

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There are many talks about Alexa Bliss's new looks and people are suspecting that she might have done plastic surgery. The star wrestler has not said anything about this rumor yet, but there are many pictures of her floating around.

Let's find out more about the finest wrestler in the present wrestling and the rumor surrounding her.

Alexa real name is Alexis Cabrera, and currently signed to WWE. People can see her under the Raw brand name; however, she did not start her journey in WWE from Raw. Initially, she was in Smackdown.

She has proven her talent and strength with records like a two-time SmackDown Women's Champion and the first woman to hold the title twice, three-time Raw Women's Champion. She is among the bests.

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Alexa Bliss New Look And Plastic Surgery Rumors- Before After Pictures 

Alexa Bliss's new look and her allegedly having plastic surgery is the only thing people are talking about since her comeback. Bliss has gone through nose surgery in the past because of her sinus and had a terrible wound following that.

However, now, there are no marks of that operation, so people suspect that she has gone through plastic surgery to remove them. She looks pretty as she used to before surgery.

Many of her fans are certain that she has done something with her nose but are not certain what. Besides that, She has acknowledged the fact that she had gone through a breast job in the past. 

Thus, it is not a new thing for the star wrestler to go through plastic surgery. However, the only way to confirm this rumor is to get an official statement from Bliss or people close to her.

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Why Is Alexa Changing?

Alexa has been reported to have changed, as per her fans on social media. The change people have noticed might be just the aftermath of her post-surgery of sinus and nothing much.

There are many photos of her shared on social media to point out changes. Of course, she will have changes compared to her photos during surgery and after recovery, but people are shocked by her impeccable recovery of her.

Thus, they suspect that she might have done some plastic surgery. Alexa photos can be seen on her Instagram. She is available under the handle name alexa_bliss_wwe_.

She has over 5 million followers and can be seen posting about her various life events and photos with her dear partner Ryan Cabrera. The couple got married just in 2022.


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