Did Alan Jackson Passed Away Or Is He Still Alive? Singer's Health Update

Alan Jackson postpones Saturday performance at Kansas City
Alan Jackson postpones Saturday performance at Kansas City( Source : biography )

Alan Jackson has not passed away. The news is not real; it is fake. 

However, he has recently been infected with Covid-19. It resulted in him postponing the concert in Kansas City. Fans have expressed their concern for his health on social media.

Alan Jackson Passed Away - Is The News Real Or Fake?

Alan Jackson has postponed the concert in Kansas City. It was scheduled to take place on Saturday night. 

T-mobile representative announced that the country music artist tested positive for COVID-19. Thus, the organizers are planning to reschedule the event, and all tickets for this show will be honored on the new date, as per Fox4 News. 

However, there is some fake news circulating about the singer. Some said that the singer had passed away. But, the news is fake and not real. 

He has just postponed his performance because of covid. He also apologized for not being able to perform at the scheduled time. 

It is not the first time false news about the artist has emerged online. Last September, when he announced he had Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease during his appearance on The Today Show, the rumors of his demise surfaced on the internet. 

Although the artist had said that the disease had been affecting him for years, he has not given up on what he dearly loves to do. He shared that the effects of the illness have been evident over the years because he stumbles around the stage and has been experiencing difficulty keeping his balance. 

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Does Alan Jackson Have Any Disease?

Yes, Alan Jackson suffers from a disease named Charcot-Marie-Tooth. It is a group of genetic conditions that damages the peripheral nerve. 

It is hereditary. The singer said that he inherited it from his father, who had received the diagnosis over a decade ago. He also added that it had impacted several members of his family. 

When talking about how it affected his life, he said that the symptoms were getting obvious as time passed. But, he said that he does not want his fans to feel sad for him. 

Alan Jackson Suffers From Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
Alan Jackson Suffers From Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease ( Source : twitter )

He also added that the disease is not fatal but will disable him eventually. Nevertheless, he wishes to continue what he likes to do. He said he does not want to and does not plan to retire, as mentioned in The Tennessean. 

He does not want to do any retirement performance- disappear for a while and then perform again. he said he wants to continue until he can. He explained that he would like to do what he wished if his health let him. 

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Update On Alan Jackson Health Condition

Alan Jackson has been diagnosed with the covid-19 infection. The 63-year-old singer was scheduled to perform in Kansas City on the weekend, but he could not join in because of his illness. 

Although fans were disheartened to hear the concert was postponed, they also sent well wishes to the artist. Many people had traveled for hours to see his performance. But, there were more worried about his health and hope he can recover soon. 

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