What Happened To AJ Jennings From Outer Banks? Chase Strokes Shares Tribute on The Death Of Stunt Double

AJ Jennings Was Crew Member Of Outer banks ( Source : Foothilldragonpress )

AJ Jennings was one of the crew members of Outer Banks. News sources have reported that the pedestrian was struck twice during a hit-and-run collision on James Island. 

Netflix HR is providing grief counseling to the crew members at present. The crew members are mourning his death on social media, whereas the investigation of the incident is still ongoing. Those who have any information are requested to contact the Charleston County police department. 

What Happened To AJ Jennings From Outer Banks?

Charleston County deputies said a pedestrian was hit twice following a hit-and-run collision on James Island early on Tuesday. He later passed away in the hospital from his wounds. The victim is said to be AJ Jennings. 

According to investigators, the pedestrian was struck by a vehicle that sped away as he was crossing the road, reports Counton2. The man was hit twice by two different vehicles.

According to witnesses, both vehicles fled the scene after hitting him. Charleston Police discovered the vehicle during a traffic stop in the city.

AJ Jennings Was Stand-in/Body Double For Chase Strokes
AJ Jennings Was Stand-in/Body Double For Chase Strokes ( Source : Facebook )

It has been revealed that the victim was a member of the Charleston-based cast and crew of a well-known Netflix series, Outer Banks. The crew is mourning his death. 

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office reported that at about 2:30 a.m., the 22-year-old Alexander "AJ" Jennings was walking along Sol Legare Road close to Cozet Drive when he was struck by a car that sped away.

He was subsequently hit by a second vehicle that left the area but was later discovered in downtown Charleston by Charleston Police Department investigators.

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Chase Strokes Stunt Double AJ Jennings Death Cause

Chase Strokes plays the role of John B in the Netflix teen drama series Outer Banks. Unfortunately, his stunt double AJ Jennings has now passed away in a tragic accident.

Jennings acted as the "John B" character's body double or stand-in throughout season three's current shooting in and around Charleston. The casting company described him as a selfless, compassionate spirit who would bring a smile to everyone's face on the set in a Facebook post.

Kimmie Stewart Casting Pays Tribute To AJ Jennings
Kimmie Stewart Casting Pays Tribute To AJ Jennings ( Source : Facebook )

Likewise, on Wednesday morning, actor Chase Stokes also posted a statement on Instagram in memory of Jennings. He expressed how heartbroken he was to hear the news.

He said that AJ's life was just starting and that they were discussing how he plans to move ahead on with his future. The actor also added that he has not been able to say many words after hearing the news as he is still trying to process what happened. 

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AJ Jennings Wikipedia Explored 

AJ Jennings was 22 years old and a member of the Outer bank's crew. He was working as a body double or stand-in for Chase Strokes, who portrays the role of John B in the Netflix series. 

There is no additional information about him, but people mourning his death said that he touched everyone's life and will be missed dearly. 

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