Who Is Aiden Mccarthy Highland Park? Irina Mccarthy & Kevin Mccarthy Leave Behind Toodler After Being Victims Of Shooting

Two-years old Aiden McCarthy was separated from his parents forever in the Highland Park shooting. ( Source : Pbs )

Aiden McCarthy is a toddler who went viral on the Internet after both of his parents got killed during the Highland Park Shooting. 

Aiden's parents were killed during the mass shooting at July 4th parade in Illinois. The parents saved the child by holding the baby beneath their body before lying down on the ground. 

After the situation was pacified a bit, Aiden was spotted by a couple, Dana and Greg Ring. The couple was indecisive about what to do but they took the baby and headed to their nearby home.

Later he was picked up by the Highland Park police and they handed him to his grandparents. 

Who Is Aiden Mccarthy Highland Park?

Aiden is a two years old boy whose pictures have been taking social media after he was left wandering during the Highland Park incident. 

Aiden McCarthy was fully safe and later reunited with his grandfather.
Aiden McCarthy was fully safe and later reunited with his grandfather. ( Source : Pbs )

The parents of the boy were among the seven people who were killed during the massacre. Kevin McCarthy and his wife Irina McCarthy were killed but they saved their baby by holding him under their body. 

Aiden was terrified and walking down the streets of Highland alone after the shooting stopped and his photos circulated all over the media. 

The child was not injured and was taken by Greg and Dana to the North Shore community. He was reunited with his grandfather in the hospital after the police picked him up. 

Aiden's grandfather said that the baby was saying "Mommy and Daddy are coming soon" hours later the horrific incident. 

Irina Mccarthy & Kevin Mccarthy Child Gofundme

After the pictures of Aiden circulated over the web, Irina and Kevin McCarthy Gofundme page was created by some people. 

The Gofundme fundraiser was set up to raise money to aid Aiden's future. The page also states that he will be raised by his grandparents. The close friends of the victimized parents also promised to help him. 

The page stated, "At two years old, Aiden is left in the unthinkable position; to grow up without his parents."

According to The Guardian, the fundraiser has already raised over $450,000 as of Tuesday evening. More amounts will be raised in the upcoming days in order to finance the growth and education of the toddler.

Highland Park Shooting Victim Family

The Highland Park shooting separated many victims from their family including the McCarthys who left behind their two years old son. 

The Independence Day parade in Highland Park turned into a blood-shed event just 10 minutes after gunshots started firing abruptly. The suspect of the shooting Robert Bobby Crimo was taken into police custody a few hours later the incident. 

Irina and Kevin McCarthy saved their child while they were shot to death.
Irina and Kevin McCarthy saved their child while they were shot to death. ( Source : Chicago )

Irina McCarthy, Aiden's mother was the only child of Michael and Nina Levberg. She was born in Russia and later the family moved to Chicago. She went to Stevenson High School and DePaul University. 

Irina initially worked as a waitress. After graduating, she worked as a digital marketer for the pharmaceutical industry. She met Kevin MaCarthy while working in the pharmaceuticals. 

The couple was living a contented life with their child Aiden. They were also planning to have another baby but unfortunately, they became the victims of the shoot.

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