Adrian Payne MSU Death By Shooting, New About The Basketball Player Has Fans Heartbroken

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Adreian Payne was a talented American basketball player playing professionally for Juventus Utena in the Lithuanian Basketball League. 

Adreian was also drafted into NBA by Atlanta Hawks. In Hawks, he averaged 12.5 points and 7 rebounds in his summer league in the 2014 NBA. 

Likewise, due to his subsequent injuries and health problems, he was traded to Minnesota Timberwolves in 2015 but he only remained there for 2 years, Payne was traded extensively from one club to another due to his issues with performances. 

Adrian Payne MSU Death by Shooting: Basketball Player Shot In Florida

Adreian Payne was killed in the early morning, the authorities had arrived at Egret Shores Drive where they arrested the shooter at the scene, Lawrence Dority, 29. 

Dority was arrested for First Degree of Murder and he was taken into custody and sent to Orange County Jail. The death of Payne is still unclear also the motive of the killer is unknown.

Adreian Payne might have impressed his fans in the early stages of his career, but he faced controversy and sexual assault allegations. He apologized to the victim but his image had not been uplifted in the public. 

Nevertheless, he will be missed by fans all over the globe, as he also played in the Lithuanian Club, where he amassed huge fans for the game. 

Adrian Payne Family Details

Adreian has not revealed the details about his wife and family. His Instagram account is private also he does not seem to have mentioned his family on his Twitter handle as well. 

Nevertheless, the 31-year-old might have had someone special that he had yet to share the news with the world. Nevertheless, he seems to share a unique bond with Lacey Holsworth. 

Lacey Holsworth of 8 years was a fan of Michigan State, she shared a strong connection with Payne, he had considered her to be his sister whereas, she had connected with him as her brother. 

Sadly, the fan died due to terminal cancer in 2014. Lacey had stated that she was his special friend and nicknamed him "Princess Lacey". 

Adrian Payne Wikipedia And Biography

Adreian Payne 31-year-old basketball player had quite a promising future but due to his injuries and medical condition clipped his wings to achieve new heights in NBA. 

Payne played in high school for Jefferson Township, and he played college basketball at Michigan State from (2010-to 2014), later on, he was picked by Atlanta Hawks in the NBA draft at 15th but his career spiraled downward after his season with the Hawks. 

To enumerate, he had played 107 games in his career with 24 points in his regular season, he might have passed untimely, but he seems to have led an adventurous life with ups and downs. 

Furthermore, Fans and his followers are giving sympathy to his friends and family which is helping them go through this difficult process. 



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