Adi Higham illness, What Happened To The Bidding Room Antiques Dealer?

Adrian Higham in the BBC show The Bidding Room
Adrian Higham in the BBC show The Bidding Room( Source : realitytitbit )

Adrian Higham is suffering from an illness due to his eating disorder. Higham confirmed in an interview that he came from a diabetic family.

Adrian Higham, often known as Adi Higham, is an English antique merchant and retailer. Following his recent announcement to participate in BBC's The Bidding Room, the British dealer has become a media celebrity.

In the show, eight dealers will compete to see who can complete the most deals. Higham has a significant fan base and is well-known as a result of his presence on the show.

Details On Adi Higham Illness

Adrian has decided to avoid media interactions since his last appearance on 'The Bidding Room' the previous year, leading to suspicion about his illness.

The bidding room star also suffers from an eating disorder and obesity. he comes from a long line of diabetes-prone family members.

Adrian Higham suffers from an eating disorder. Adi gained uncontrollable weight when his wife died. Higham collapsed on a ship in 2015 due to his 36-stone weight.

Adrian with his wife
Adrian with his wife( Source : instagram )

In 2017, Adi participated in the "Prudential Ride London Fixing Challenge," which provided him with individualized fitness training and food and lifestyle guidance to assist with his health.

Doctors told him Higham would die if he didn't drop weight. After seeing Geoff and the program, Adi recognized he needed to focus on his weight.

Does Adi Higham Have Diabetes?

In an interview, Adrian Higham stated that he came from a family "rife with diabetes."

Also, his weight was causing him health issues. Furthermore, diabetes runs in his family. But, thanks to his willpower, he lost weight and regained his fitness.

Adrian admitted that he couldn't get on his bike at first but that he was soon cycling every day and that it was fantastic.

Adrian may be experiencing health issues as he grows older, but we cannot confirm this because the TV personality has not addressed it. As previously said, there are strong rumors that he is having difficulties.

Adi Higham Biography

Adrian Higham was born in Brookland, Kent, in 1968. 

After living in France for almost a few decades, Highman has a penchant for the unique and has amassed a large collection of oddities.

He was married to Tara Franklin, an antique trader herself. In 2003, his first wife passed away.

Higham celebrates the filming of his new show The Vintage French Farmhouse
Higham celebrates the filming of his new show The Vintage French Farmhouse( Source : instagram )

Adrian, who lives in East Sussex, started fixing and selling ancient signs when he was 21.

Higham decided to become a full-time dealer after selling a bike for ten times the price he paid, demonstrating a remarkable knack for pricing and selling.

His new show, The Vintage French Farmhouse, will air on Christmas of 2022.

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