Addy Perez Is Leaving Patrol Live and Fans Have Concerns

Deputy Addy on the Officers Spotlight on December 2018
Deputy Addy on the Officers Spotlight on December 2018( Source : facebook )

Addy Perez left On Patrol Live to pursue her new career interest. Perez was one of the three hosts of the police show.

The lady from the Bronks is a prime officer of the Richland County Sheriff's Department in South Carolina alongside co-stars Garo Brown and Danny Brown. Before joining the show, she operated as a military officer and left duty in 2016. While serving in the army, she was a drill sergeant before hanging up her uniform to join the police force. 

Indeed, the similarities between the career made her transition more accessible as they had similar structures and environments.

The New Yorker comes from a lineage of protectors, as multiple members of her family operate for the Police Department. Her aunts, uncles, and even cousins labor for the NYPY, as it was an obvious choice.

Why Is Addy Perez Leaving On Patrol Live?

Addy Perez and her family relocated to Texas after she left On Patrol Live for family reasons. They used to live in Richland County.

She clarified in a later tweet it was an unfortunate turn of events as her husband relocated to Texas for a job. She saw it as an opportunity to start a new occupation as a law enforcement officer for a private company. 

On December 17, the office page for Richland County Sheriff's Department sent out on statement on Twitter to talk about the uneventful departure of Perez from the task force. Some even speculated if she would be a stay-at-home mom as her son grew bigger daily. She used to bring him into her office but exposing a child to her dangerous occupation would be unethical. 

Her son with co worker Dan Abrams on December 2022
Her son with co worker Dan Abrams on December 2022( Source : twitter )

The policewoman did not have many hobbies as her life was surrounded by patrolling the city with her comrades. There were rumors of her seeking employment elsewhere as the department took matters into its own hands and confirmed the conjecture.

The new age show explored the everyday lives of police officers on patrol from diverse departments with episodes every Friday and Saturday night about minute-by-minute live analysis.

Before leaving, she would head to their studio to talk about her experience and future as they thanked her for serving the Richland County citizens. There was no bad blood between the two, as they wished her the best in her upcoming endeavors. 

Photo of her last day on the studio with her colleagues.
Photo of her last day on the studio with her colleagues. ( Source : twitter )

Hilariously, people even speculated that she resigned because she had opened an OnlyFans account, an explicit site where creators can sell content exclusively to their fans. The site is notorious for other adult content, as beautiful creators can earn up to a million a day. Her good looks cannot get overlooked, as she is stunning even when her hair is pushed back with an impenetrable gel.

Fans Reactions When Addy Announced Her Departure

The first reaction to the news was sorrow but then people realized it was their final time to express gratitude towards her and their service. 

Twitter user Paul Crompton came forth with a beautiful story of his daughter, who began volunteering in the Presents with Police in Newark because of her. The officer unknowingly became a role model and pushed her to join the police youth explorer program. The young lady would make her entry into law enforcement as soon as she would be able to.

Her last day of shooting the show in her own vechile
Her last day of shooting the show in her own vechile( Source : twitter )

Another original viewer named Momma Llama thanked her for changing the perceptions of female Law enforcement officers, even pregnant ones. The viewers called her strong, fast, and confident, creating an unreachable bar for others.  

Meanwhile, others were less sentimental with their wishes, hoping her a successful life with their entire heart. During her time in the program, she won hearts as their favorite host.

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