Actress Sashleigha Brady Biography and Career So Far After She Appears on Hallmark's Marry Me In Yosemite

Sashleigha Hightower is the actress in Beauty and the Billionaire
Sashleigha Hightower is the actress in Beauty and the Billionaire( Source : instagram )

Sashleigha Brady is an actress in the romantic movie Beauty and the Billionaire. 

Brady is an actress who started her career in 2019. She made her first debut in the movie Shattered Memories as a 911 Operator. In the same year, she worked in the short film Money Man alongside her husband Adam Hightower as Bella. 

Actress Sashleigha Brady's Biography

Brady is the cast of the movie Beauty and the Billionaire. She is the lead cast in the film as Addison. The movie had directed by Brian Brough and written by Brittany Wiscombe. 

In the show, Brady played Addison, who travels with a picky billionaire as an assistant to protect her brother's job. It was released on July 25, 2022, in the United States by Sliver Peak Productions. 

Brady worked alongside Chris Reid, Tanner Gillman, Cathy Ford, Katherine Aiken, Brian Brough, Brooklyn Brough, Emily Jacobson, Danny James, Lonzo Liggins, Jazmine Shaw, Danny Shepherd, Anthony Straga, and Brittany. 

Sashleigha Brady loves acting because of its different stories
Sashleigha Brady loves acting because of its different stories( Source : instagram )

Brady said it took one different story to change an outlook, vibe, feeling, or intention. She thought that was a big piece of why she enjoyed being an actress. In the field, she gets to hear hundreds of other people's stories, whether it's real or created. 

As an actress, Brady gets o to be a part of telling stories. The actress is working on her creation and mentioned that she would direct many women's real stories she knows. She is eager to share her storied with her followers. 

Sashleigha Brady Age

Brady is currently 32 years old. She was born in the United States on November 17, 1990. Recently she started her carrer as an actress 2019. She worked in the television movie Romance in the Air as Kater. The actress has not worked in television series in her three-year carrer as an actress. 

The actress has had a keen interest in acting from a young age. She spent her life performing live on a different platform. At age 28, she finally made her first movie debut and was praised by the public. 

Currently, Brady arose in her back-to-back movies. Even the actress is panning to the director of the movies and sharing the stories with people. 

Sashleigha Brady Parents

Sashleigha was born to caring parents who encouraged her from a young. She grew up performing on various stages. Also, she loves to be self-reliant. The actress changed her tires and made around with things. 

Brady is frequently called a macgyver by her loved ones. She is a hardworking personality who loves life and people. The actress is committed to her career. The greatest assets in her life are her experience, integrity, and obligation. 

Sashleigha Brady Family 

Sashleigha was born to a supportive family. She had her own family of four with her two children and partner Adam. Also, the actress seemed to live a happy and comfortable life with her babies. She is a natural artist with a genuine soul. 

Sashleigha Brady spending quality time with her family
Sashleigha Brady spending quality time with her family( Source : instagram )

Recently, Brady shared a post about something cooking in the Hightower Films kitchen. The actress is working with her husband's creation. Even she mentioned it is fun to create a new story with uncle Casey Wayne Wright.

In Brady's free time, she spent with her kids and spouse. The actress loves Hiking, four-wheeling, camping, reading, and doing simple things in her life. 

Sashleigha Brady Actress Career And Salary Details

Brady began her career at age 28. Shattered Memories is the first movie she appeared in in 2019. The actress may earn husky amount as an actress, and she is leading her carrer as director.

The average actress's gross salary in America is $89,506. Even Brady worked as a lead actress in various movies. Also, she may obtain more than the average amount. The actress arrived in A Crafty Christmas Romance in 2020 as Community Volunteer. 

In 2021, she arose in the short movie And Action! as Hannah Stewart. She emerged in the television movies Lights, Camera, Romance as Elinor Dashwood, Love in Aruba as Amber, and Fighting Chance as Ashley Everett. 

Brady is working on the new short movie The Real Moms as Diane Peterson and The Last Page as Grace. 

Tyler Harlow is the new face in the acting field, who rose his fame from the new streaming television movie Marry Me in Yosemite.

Is Sashleigha Brady Married? 

Brady married her beloved husband, Adam Hightower. The couple had two children. Also, Adam is an American actor born and raised in Exeter, California. He was born on January 29, 1986, and the actor is currently 36. 

Adam is the only son in the family with three older sisters. From a young age, he started falling in love with the entertainment industry, which led to his career in Filmmaking and acting. The actor joined Digital Filmmaking and Video Production to get a degree. 

The Award Winning actor is the founder of a Film Production business called High Tower Films. In 2015, he made his first debut in the movie Heist as Jackson. He worked in Money Man as Ryder, Jucy Shimmers, and the Prince of Peace as James Shimmers, and Coming Home as Mav. 

Sashleigha Brady's husband Adam Hightower with  his two sons
Sashleigha Brady's husband Adam Hightower with his two sons( Source : instagram )

Adam currently emerged in Fighting Chance as Chance Everett. His new movie Picky Peter and the Extraterrestrials completed where he appeared as Tim. The actor arrives in The last Page as Chester and in Power Rangers: Origins as Tommy Oliver. 

Besides this, Adam produced the movie Picky Peter and the Extraterrestrials, Comming Home, Money Man, and Unwritten Chapter. Even the actor worked as a cinematographer in Hit Man, Love & Trust, Merrill of Madness, The Revenge Factor, and more. 

Hallmark actress Amanda Schull and her husband George Wilson married in 2011 and celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2021. 

Sashleigha Brady Children

Brady and actor Adam have two children. On August 12, the actress wished her older son his birthday. She pinned, 'It has been the greatest joy to watch how he creates himself and his life. Being the first little one, I have to thank him for — he taught me so much.'

Brady's eldest son is currently 13 years old. Several days ago, the actress shared a post about her favorite part of this season of life. She felt happy for getting to have deep conversations with her kids and watching them explore the things that light them up. 

Sashleigha Brady with her two sons and husband and set daughter
Sashleigha Brady with her two sons and husband and set daughter( Source : instagram )

On the occasion of fathers day, Brady shared the family picture with her two sons and husband. She mentioned Adam as the part who helped create a family, maintain and nature them. 

Brady captioned, 'Thank you for being the man you are in every way. I hope you never underestimate the absolute power in this family already.' The actress added her spouse inspires her. She cherishes every moment with him. 

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