Who Are Actress Cindy Busby Parents? 5 Facts To Know About The Hallmark Actress

Cindy Busby Portrait  by Mr Buddy Corona
Cindy Busby Portrait by Mr Buddy Corona( Source : imdb )

Almost like a cover girl for Hallmark movies, actress Cindy Busby was raised by her parents in Montreal, Canada. The 39-year-old has been doing one after other great movies and is successfully one of the known faces from her country to the global world. 

She began her career in theater in 2005 before transitioning to television and film and instantly received her first lead role in the television series Bethune, which spent two and a half months filming in rural China and attracted millions of viewers, telling the tale of Canadian medical hero Norman Bethune.

Busby, who starred as Ashley Stanton, a wealthy, self-righteous horseback rider, in the Lifetime original film A Life Interrupted with Lea Thompson in 2006, also won a series regular role on the show Heartland. One of the most watched shows on Canadian television, the series was nominated for multiple Gemini Awards and won a Director's Guild of Canada award.

1. Cindy Busby's Parents Knew She Wanted to Be An Actress Since Her Childhood

Cindy Busby was born to her parents in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on March 18, 1983. She was raised in the very place and dreamt of getting into movies while she was busy playing with her fellow friends. 

She absolutely loved performing in the theater during her elementary days and showed her capabilities then, also. The audience loved her, and so did the professionals who worked with her. Later on, she gave her entire school days to the theater production and worked as a managing team member. 

Cindy Busby on the set of Home & Family
Cindy Busby on the set of Home & Family( Source : hallmarkchannel )

After completing high school, Busby was chosen among hundreds of candidates to enroll in Dawson College's Professional Theater Program in Montreal.

Amid all this, there were two people, her father, and mother, who were extremely proud of their daughter. 

2. Meet Cindy Busby's Husband Christopher Bloyd

Cindy Busby has been with her husband, Christopher Bloyd, for almost six years now. Prior to getting married on December 12, 2020, they dated for almost three and a half years. On social media, the couple frequently flaunts their romance by posting photos of each other or together.

Similar to this, the love they have for one another and how content they are as a couple is clearly visible to the outside world. Many people, however, are unaware of how Busby and Boyd met and the specifics of their romance.

Cindy Busby with her husband Chris
Cindy Busby with her husband Chris( Source : instagram )

Just like Cindy, his better half is also in the entertainment business. The couple is proudly hosting together and is setting an example to all the other pairs. 

Chris is developing his own credentials despite the fact that not much is known about him. He posted a shout-out to the Netflix program Sneakerheads, which he produced. "Family father Devin falls back into his sneaker fixation after his friend Bobby pulls him into a wheeling-dealing scheme to score a mythical pair of kicks," according to the Netflix synopsis of the program. The program premiered on Netflix on September 25, 2020. 

3. Cindy Busby Biography Includes Her Incredible Movies

Busby made her acting debut as the main antagonist in the 2008 and 2009 films Picture This and The Vampire Diaries, starring Ashley Tisdale, Shenae Grimes, and Kevin Pollak. She made her big screen debut in 2011's The Big Year from Fox 2000 Pictures, starring Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson. 

She further taped appearances as a guest star on the CW series The Secret Circle, The L.A. Complex, and Supernatural in 2012.

Cindy Busby is all set to appear in Marry Me In Yosemite
Cindy Busby is all set to appear in Marry Me In Yosemite( Source : digitaljournal )

Cindy was seen in episodes of Rush (USA), Proof (TNT), and Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove (Hallmark Channel) as a guest star. She played the lead in the independent films A Puppy for Christmas, The Circle, 40 Below, and Falling. She also had an appearance in the first Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder, With Love on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.  Her most recent movie on Hallmark is Marry Me in Yosemite which also appears debutant actor Tyler Harlow.

Her most recent appearance was in the Netflix movie Romance on the Menu as Caroline Wilson, starring Australian actor Tim Ross.

4. What Happened To Cindy Busby's Teeth?

People have been most concerned about Busby's teeth. They are completely fine, but questions do not seem to stop anytime soon. Her tooth concerns began in the 2018 film Hallmark, where she was seen getting married to Mr. Darcy.

Additionally, the character in Hallmark portrays a view of the teeth that gives fans a false impression. People made conjectures that she may have a dental issue. Several tweets regarding this have also added fuel to the fire. 

Cindy Busby and the talks about her teeth.
Cindy Busby and the talks about her teeth.( Source : cindybusby )

Fans have also speculated that Donavan's teeth-gnashing in that film was all part of his repressed passion for Elizabeth. Additionally, Busby grinned and grimaced throughout the entire movie.

Fans, however, have poked fun at the character and said that they want to get Ryan's and Busy's autographs and require assistance pulling their two-day teeth. We don't want any spinach in the teeth at a crucial time, someone else tweeted.

5. Cindy Busby Is Not Pregnant In 2022

It appears that Cindy has been yelling out at her fans, posting sweet throwback pictures from her days on Heartland, or sharing set pictures from exciting destinations when she doesn't appear in super-fun Hallmark movies.

Her latest post says, "Tomorrow Saturday, September 3rd, is the premiere of 'Marry Me In Yosemite' on Hallmark channel Here’s a behind-the-scenes of the making of the movie in  Yosemitenps and Oakhurst. It was all a magical experience! I hope you enjoy it!

Cindy Busby has great chemistry with her hallmark co-star
Cindy Busby has great chemistry with her hallmark co-star( Source : legendsbio )

She is currently busy with her career, but fans can stop speculating about her pregnancy which are all rumors for now. Even though the actress is yet to address them, she seems so engrossed in her work that there seems to be no truth to it. 

Talking about Busby's pregnancy, we found something interesting regarding this. In 2013, she tweeted on her Twitter account, "I have some exciting news brewing for you all, but for now, I'm just gonna be a tease about it." To this, one of her friends replies, "I know what it is.... *Walks into the street* CINDY BUSBY IS PREGNANT! TELL EVERYONE!!" Again, Cindy has a quirky reply to this, "Oh geez! Here start the rumors... thanks, Matt."

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