Did ABC Cheryl Scott Break Up With Her Fiance Dante Deiana? Missing Engagement Ring Sparks Confusion

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There are breakup rumors on Reddit about ABC's Cheryl Scott and her fiance Dante Deiana. While people have speculated several things, the couple has not addressed the issue. 

The New Jersey-born meteorologist and geologist Cheryl Scott have engaged her fiance Dante Deiana since 2018. People have been waiting for their marriage, but now the internet is discussing their breakup.

Her boyfriend proposed to her uniquely and most romantically that anyone could think of. She got the marriage proposal at the top of the world. It even made headlines at that time.

And the recent speculations may have confused many. But, here is the truth behind the rumors. 

Reddit Discusses ABC Cheryl Scott Break Up With Her Fiance Dante Deiana

Rumors about ABC's Cheryl Scott breaking up with her fiance Dante Deiana. The speculations emerged from a missing ring on the meteorologist these days.

A Twitter user noted that she has not been wearing her wedding or engagement ring and joked if they still have any chance. The beautiful anchor has taken away many hearts since she worked in TV. 

Thus, the missing ring made some people think she may have separated from her boyfriend. But, it may not be true, as she has not removed any pictures of them from her IG handle.

User On Twitter Talks About Missing Engagement Ring In Cheryl's Finger
User On Twitter Talks About Missing Engagement Ring In Cheryl's Finger

She has flaunted her engagement ring in many other pictures too. Even her proposal made headlines as the venue for it was a romantic sunset atop a Hawaiian volcano. So yes, she got proposed to at the top of the world. 

Her pictures from the recent vacations are still on her IG profile. And fans have been asking them about their wedding plans since the proposal. 

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Missing Engagement Ring On Cheryl Scott Sparks Split Rumors

A missing engagement ring on Cheryl Scott has sparked rumors about her split with her fiance. While some people have been speculating about the possible breakup, another group thinks the wedding date may be near. 

Some argued that she probably took it off to wear a wedding ring. Nonetheless, the meteorologist has not addressed this issue. 

Cheryl Scott and Dante Deiana On Valentines Day.
Cheryl Scott and Dante Deiana On Valentines Day.

Likewise, the fiance of the successful TV journalist is a DJ, music programmer, and marketing director. He double majored in Political Science and Criminal Justice at Loyola University of Chicago, graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

He is a partner at Forward Entertainment Group. He has organized opening shows for American Icon Miley Cyrus in world-famous arenas and a series of concerts featuring Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley – he's done it all.

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Cheryl Scott And Dante Deiana Age Difference 

Cheryl Scott and Dante Deiana have an age difference of two years. Deiana proposed to her in 2018 when he was 35 years old, whereas the journalist was 33 then. 

Their date of birth is not available on the internet, but they are only born two years apart. The meteorologist is now 37 years old, whereas Deiana is 41. 

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