What Ethnicity Is Abby Steiner? Track Runner's Parents Nationality Revealed

Abby Steiner winning her NCAA Division I Women's Outdoor Track and Field Championships in 2022
Abby Steiner winning her NCAA Division I Women's Outdoor Track and Field Championships in 2022( Source : instagram )

Entering the World Championships at the 200 meters Women's Track is Abby Steiner, with a record of 21.77 seconds.

People have always been curious about the young track and field racer's ethnical background since she does not share much of her family and background on her socials.

So, let us learn about the athlete's ethnicity, nationality, parents, and injury.

Abby Steiner Ethnicity & Nationality - Where Is She From?

Abby Steiner was born and raised in Dublin, Ohio, and she holds the nationality of an American with white ethnic background.

As an American athlete, she has a personal record of 10.90 seconds in 100 meters race in the US, with 21.77 at 200 meters and 7.10 seconds at 60 meters indoor.

The American track and field racer has also won the NCAA Division I Indoor Championships two years in a row, one after the other in 2021 and 2022, with a record of 22.38 seconds at 200m in 2021 and 22.16 seconds in 2022.

Abby Steiner winning the U.S. 200 meter championship
Abby Steiner winning the U.S. 200 meter championship ( Source : instagram )

She has also won the USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships in 2022 with her best record of 21.77 seconds at 200 meters held in Eugene, Oregon.

Currently, Steiner is representing the USA at the 2022 World Championships beating everyone in heat 5 of the competition with a record of 22.28s at 200 meters.

Who Are The Parents Of The Star Track And Field Racer?

Abby Steiner was born to her parents, David Steiner and Mollie Steiner, on 24 November 1999 in Dublin. The 22-year-old grew up in Dublin alongside her two siblings, Riley and Jack.

Her father is a sales director at Four Roses Distillery, and her parents raised her in the Columbus suburb of Dublin. As a child, she was more focused on soccer than track and only started track and field in eighth grade, playing both in high school at Dublin Coffman High School.

Abby Steiner graduating high school in 2018
Abby Steiner graduating high school in 2018( Source : instagram )

Abby became a dual sport athlete with a scholarship at the University of Kentucky in 2018, but in 2022, she decided to focus on track and leave soccer behind. In an interview, she stated that her decision has helped her fully dive into the process of training and developing speed.

Her parents and her siblings are proud of the success Abby has gained in such a short period.

Abby Steiner Injury

As an athlete, injuries are unavoidable, and our star track and field runner, Abby Steiner, has also had her fair share of injuries.

One of her severe injuries includes her ACL surgery in 2016 when she was still in her junior year of high school.

An ACL surgery is where you replace a torn anterior cruciate ligament, a crucial ligament in your knee that is even more of a concern for a track and field runner.

Abby Steiner after her ACL surgery in 2016
Abby Steiner after her ACL surgery in 2016( Source : instagram )

In a post on her Instagram, she thanked everyone for supporting her recovery and treatment. Abby further emphasized that her ACL surgery was a success, and she was on the road to recovery.

In her junior high year, Steiner also expressed her excitement to get better and start back with her sports.

The young athlete fully recovered and continued her sports career with soccer and track in mind. Now, she leads the nation into the World Championships after complete recovery and years of training.

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