A Taste Of Betrayal Tubi Cast and Release Date 2023

A Taste of Betrayal is a thriller movie directed by Ty Johnston.
A Taste of Betrayal is a thriller movie directed by Ty Johnston.( Source : facebook )

A Taste of Betrayal Tubi Cast includes Danielle LaRoach, Nakesh Njie in lead roles. The release date is August 30, 2023. 

Directed by Ty Johnston, A Taste of Betrayal is a thriller movie about how a wife takes revenge on her husband.

Ty Johnston is an independent filmmaker, taking the future into their own hands. She is the CEO of T.Y.Entertainment and works stability with leading film, television, and emerging media production.

Written by Tiffany Q. Edwards, and executive produced by Tressa 'Azarel' Smallwood, the movie stars Danielle LaRoach, Nakesh Njie, London 'Deelishis' Charles, and Oshea Russel.

The movie will be released on Tubi on Tuesday. Tubi is the most demanding streaming service that is totally free.

Besides that Tubi has linked with numerous entertainment partners including content from most of the renowned Hollywood studios.

Meet The Cast Of A Taste Of Betrayal on Tubi

A Taste of Betrayal Tubi cast includes Oshea Russell as Ben, Chandra Davis as Candace, Danielle LaRoach as Jade, Njie Sabik as Tori and others. They are the lead cast.

Ben and Candace are husband and wife while Jade and Tori are Candace's best friends.

Oshea Russell as Ben

Oshea Russell plays the role of Ben in A Taste of Betrayal. He is the husband who cheats on his wife.

Going by the trailer, Ben demands divorce from his wife but she seems hesitant to take the matter further.

Overall, Oshea has portrayed the amazing role of an unfaithful husband who gets involved with his wife's friends.

( Source : instagram )

Oshea is an actor, runway, and fitness model, and even a sponsored champion bodybuilder. He became a popular personality through Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta as Erica Dixon's boyfriend.

He is originally from Toldeo, Ohia, and later moved to Hampton, Virginia in Atlanta, Georgia.

He has a son and a daughter. He is best known as Tommy in All the Queen's Men and as CK Moore in Shayla's Catch Prequel.

London 'Deelishis' Charles as Candace

Deelishis plays the role of Candace in the movie. She takes revenge on her husband and her friends in the latter half of the movie.

Deelishis's real name is Chandra Davis and she is a model and a reality show participant.

She won the VH1's popular unscripted TV show Flavor of Love season 2.

( Source : instagram )

Deelishis has also explored her music career with her debut single song she calls, 'Groove with You.'

Her niece was a victim of the 2023 group shooting that took place at Michigan State University.

She is best known as Robin in Tagged: The Movie, as Clarke Williams in Marietta: The Introduction, and many others.

Danielle LaRoach as Jade

Danielle LaRoach portrays the role of Jade in the movie. She is one of Candace's best friends.

( Source : instagram )

Danielle is a 31-year-old actress and model. She made her first film debut with JK's House in 2013.

Since then she has appeared in many TV shows and movies. Some of them are her roles as Belinda in Zatima, as Nancy in Girl in the Closet, as Alex in JK's House, and many others.

Njie Sabik as Tori

Njie Sabik can be seen playing the role of Tori in the movie. She is another bestfriend of Candace.

( Source : facebook )

She is best known for her role as Lisa in It's Lonely at the Top I & II, as Piper in Each His Own, and as Mia in Loving Till, It Hurts to name a few.

Other Cast

  • Rany Abu-Elniaj as Mateo
  • Malorie Bailey as Reporter II
  • Alexis Branch as Reporter
  • Lem Collins as Ralph
  • Mercedes Sanders as Fan

A Taste Of Betrayal Release Date 2023

A Taste of Betrayal Release Date is August 30. The movie will be released Tuesday on Tubi.

The movie is a thriller, suspense movie that is filled with many twists.

The trailer tells the story of a wife who is betrayed by her husband. The twist is he got involved with her wife's friends.

The wife played by London make a perfect plan to take revenge from everyone who betrayed her.

The trailer embedded below helps to understand the theme of the movie.

A Taste of Betrayal 2023 release date is scheduled on August 30. The viewers are excited about the movie since the main actor Deelishis is a known and popular actress.

Moreover, Oshea Russell, popularly recognized as Tommy from All The Queen's Men, is another cast fans are excited about.

Fans are praising these two casts and are excited about them working together.

One fan wrote, "Oshea has done amazing as an actor," in a Facebook post shared by user 'Marquette LadySmiles Dixon' alerting the viewers to get ready for the movie.

"Oh I got to watch this, I love Tommy," another fan commented, and just like that fans are super excited to these two actors in this amazing movie.

The filming of this movie started in the early months of 2023.

What is The Movie A Taste Of Betrayal About?

A Taste of Betrayal Tubi is a story about betrayal, revenge, and vengeance. Candace is betrayed by her close companions.

This movie is about how a wife takes revenge on those who betrayed her.

Simply put, A Taste of Betrayal is the revenge Candace takes on her husband Ben and her two best friends Jade and Tori to show what betrayal tastes like.

A TikTok user 'The Weekend Watch' gives a short introduction and what the movie is about in this video.

Ben had been cheating on Candace with her friends for a long time. He was also demanding a divorce from her, for which she was acting reluctant.

She then makes a plan to spend a girl's night with her friends in a Wine house. Little did the girls know about the mishap that was about to take place.

There is violence, torture, and some foul scenes in the movie which might be inappropriate for some viewers.

Despite that, there are many viewers who love this genre of movie. These types of movies generally show the level of torture or trouble a person gives back to someone who has wronged them.

In a way, the reason people still watch and love revenge genre movies is because it provides a sense of relief. 

Some of the popular revenge-based movies you can watch for free on Tubi are Martyrs, Hello Gangster, I Spit On Your Grave, Vigilante, Savage, and many others.

( Source : facebook )

Often the person who is harmed or betrayed reverts back with more power and a clear mindset. They know exactly what they are doing and they fight the wrongdoer.

In some ways, some people might take inspiration to stand up against the wrong.

Nevertheless, the movie shows signs of immense excitement and expectations from the fans.

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