A Body To Kill For Tubi Cast and Movie Review

The movie tells the story of China White of losing her innocence of life.
The movie tells the story of China White of losing her innocence of life. ( Source : instagram )

A Body To Kill For Tubi cast consists of China Magee, Phil Kyzer, Andrew Gannum and Aaliyah Bolling. The movie premiered on March 9, 2023.

This action-filled drama movie is about a teenager named China who grew up with overprotective parents in Philadelphia.

She enjoys all the privileges due to her parents but her life changes after an introduction of a handsome suitor. 

That suitor takes her to places and exposes her to the dark side of the city. That dark side will make her grossed out. But that side will also change her forever for being able to live a normal life. 

The movie was adapted from a book of the same name written by Qeiyona Ne'Cole and directed and produced by her. The movie premiered on Tubi TV and in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. 

Other movies on the streaming platform include Make It Out, Safe Word, No Way Out and You're Not Alone.

Meet The Cast of A Body To Kill For

A Body To Kill For tubi cast includes China Magee, Phil Kyzer and Andrew Grannum in lead roles.

China Magee As China

China plays the role of China White in the movie. Though the movie describes what she experienced in her late teens, she played the main protagonist of the movie. 

China is an emerging rapper after being inspired by her brother.
China is an emerging rapper after being inspired by her brother.( Source : instagram )

China Magee or Big China is one the rising star of Hip Hop from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In recent days, she has been making a name for herself in the music industry, working with Big Money Records. 

China has been crafting her sound after her older brother inspired, who unfortunately passed away. These days, she has been busy making her new music.

Her recent releases include China From The Block, Flexin and Say Sum. 

Phil Kyzer 

Phil is one of the actors who plays the role in the movie. There is not much information about his role provided on the internet. 

Phil has his own production house available.
Phil has his own production house available. ( Source : instagram )

Phil Kyzer is not only an actor but also a writer and an artist. He also owns a production house called PK Multimedia Prouductions LLC through which he produces music.

Other than that, he also has the management right of Take Flight Records and is the Co-CEO of Filthy Music. 

He has acted in TV series such as Bishop & Chainey and Juicy the series. 

Andrew Grannum

Andrew has also played a role in the movie. He is seen at the court scene against China White as she accused him of violating her.

Andrew is also involved with real estate investment and pastoral work.
Andrew is also involved with real estate investment and pastoral work.( Source : instagram )

Andrew Grannum is not only an actor, but he also does pastoral work in the church at New Covenant Church of Philadelphia. He is also working as a real estate investor with his own company Grannum Investments. 

Besides this movie, he has never acted before. So, this is the first rodeo in the movie industry. 

Other Cast Members

  • Aaliyah Bolling,
  • Charles Adams,
  • Desmond James Jr., 
  • K.A. Washington and 
  • Fajr Wallace-Bey

A Body To Kill For Review

A Body To Kill for the movie has received mixed reviews from its viewers on different social media platforms. 

On Twitter, many fans are excited to watch the new movie of China White on the silver screen. But there are also many viewers that are not enthusiastic about the movie. 

Many viewers found the story of the movie good and suggested checking the movie out.

Since the movie was filmed in Philadelphia, many natives of the city have been happy about the movie. But the viewers who are not impressed are more than those who liked the movie. 

China is flirting with the one in the car.
China is flirting with the one in the car. ( Source : youtube )

Some viewers were disappointed with the movie within 10 minutes of watching it. The viewers also discussed the topic where the actress who should have been younger is older and the woman who should be older is younger. 

On Youtube, many viewers commented that the casting of the movie has ruined the movie as the cast members are not added according to age. While another commentator said that the movie was hilarious to watch. 

Overall, since the movie has been produced in Philadelphia, many locals support the movie even though the standard is not up to par. While many liked the movie, most didn't support the movie. 

A Body To Kill For Plot and Trailer

A Body To Kill For movie plot is simply about a pampered girl by overprotective parents who sees the dark side of the city she resides in. 

China White had many privileges due to her parents. This led her to be spoiled and accustomed to such a life where things go easy as she wishes.

Growing up sheltered in her mid-teens, she sprung from her family's protective shell. 

China's overprotective father and mother spoiled her.
China's overprotective father and mother spoiled her.( Source : tubitv )

Like most naive girls who had been sheltered most of the time, she was also attracted to the life of the city and the possible excitement of the fairytale romance.

Soon, she was also swept off her feet by a handsome guy named Shake. 

It was love at first sight for both of them or at least that's what she thought of. But after Shake exposes his dark reality to her, the innocence she has is robbed, never to be found. That exposure takes her life for the worst days of her life. 

Shake betrays her trust and feeling but he will not be the only one who breaks her heart. 


The trailer shows begin with Qeiyona Ne'Cole, who is the director of the movie. China is seen holding her head, and the scene moves to her being forced and violated brutally. 

Though she escapes from the clutch of the vile person, she is followed back. At the courthouse, she points a finger at someone, and he gets angry about it. The scene moves to a couple being pointed arms by police. 

China's father is held at gunpoint by two strangers. A couple is seen arguing inside a car when China comes. The man holds her tightly, making her feel the pain. 

The scene moves to two girls having a fight on a stair, and a guy is trying to separate them. The movie also shows drug dealing and two police looking at someone's house from afar.

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