13 Steps Movie 2023 Release Date and Plot Review

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13 Steps Movie 2023 release date is September 2023. The horror movie will air on HorrorHaus Film Festival in the fall.

Directed by David Lawrence, Thi13teen Steps is based on the urban legend The Staircase Ritual. It follows the woman who conducts a grueling ritual to deport a malicious existence from her home.

Erin felt the presence of someone as things had been happening in her home, and through the Ouija board, she tried to contact her mom, Carolyn Brent.

Although other thoughts she is losing her mind and it was her nightmares, the Ouija board spelled Zozo, which may be the most ruthless, most spiteful demon of all.

Despite burning the board and destroying it, she made the contact and opened the portal. As a result, she must rid evil from her house and make sure he does not make it past the 13 curses she set for him.

13 Steps Movie 2023 Release Date

13 Steps movie 2023 release date is set for September 2023. The crew wrapped shooting in August 2022.

The official trailer of 13 Steps 2023 was posted on July 29, 2023, by the HorrorHaus Film Festival.

Before the trailer, the movie had already screened on the red carpet. The premiere screening of Thi13teen Steps was on Saturday, July 22, 2023, at 9:00 p.m. at The REX Theatre in Santa Clarita, California.

On July 24, the actress Julia Parker wrote, 'What an amazing screening for 13 Steps from start to finish! Lots of pics to come.'

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Afterward, she shared the video and mentioned One of her favorite premiere parties to date. The attention to detail in the film was incredible with the epic party.

She even added the first time she saw 13 Steps, and it came out so good that she can't wait for everybody to see it when it goes to film festivals.

However, the film has not announced the official release date. Meanwhile, IMDb posted the flick premiered on July 23, 2023.

On January 29, 2022, 13 Steps film official Instagram posted the shooting draft and later script notes.

Analyzing the photos, the team started filming on Janurary 22, 2022, in The Olde World Apothecary, Botanica & Witchcraft shop. In August 2022, they wrapped the shooting as they recorded late-night-ending on August 3.

On July 2, 2022, they posted the photo of the final color session, and the actress Sara Fletcher commented she could not wait for the movie. They even shared the behind-the-scenes fun moment.

While analyzing other HorrorHaus Film Festival short movies like There's Something In the Silence, screened on October 30, 2022, its trailer was already released one month ago by Journey End on September 9, 2022.

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After Haus shared the trailer, the 13 Steps official page conveyed the movie trailer this August. So, it may be possible the show will air in September 2023. Even fans are excited and curious about Where they can watch this movie.

Where To Watch The 13 Steps Movie?

You can watch the 13 Steps movie at the HorrorHaus Film Festival.

HorrorHaus Film Festival

Like other short horror movies, 13 Steps will screened at the HorrorHaus Film Festival. As per Julia Parker, everybody can see the movie when it goes to film festivals. 

The director of the movie, David Lawrence, is the founder and the festival director of HorrorHaus, a 3-day Los Angeles area film festival devoted to the creative works of independent filmmakers with a penchant for horror.

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They collect unique films from around the globe and showcase them during the thrill-packed weekend, parties, and networking events, complete with the red carpet and a top-notch awards ceremony.

However, the HorrorHaus Film Festival has not updated about their recent shows as their website is in maintenance mode. In 2022, the horror movie tickets were available on Filmfreeway.

One month ago, Haus posted the trailer, which indicates the movie will be screened as part of the festival in 2023.

After the success on the screen, the 13 Steps movie probably stream on other platforms.

Meet The Cast Of 13 Steps Horror Movie

13 Step movie cast includes Sara Fletcher and Chad Heffelfinger in the lead. Suzanne Voss and Adam Lieberman are the supporting cast members.

Sara Fletcher As Erin

Sara Fletcher played the role of Erin in the 13 Steps horror movie 2023. She felt the presence of something in her house and tried to reach her mother, Carolyn Brent, through the Ouija board, which opened the portal for the most evil demon of all.

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She is a working-class actress, working full-time as an actor since 2009. She has emerged in hundreds of projects like commercials, moonlighting as a TV guest start or recurring on a show, mo-capping in video games, or starring in a sweet Lifetime film.

She is known for her appearance in House of Darkness, Secret Girlfriend, and Escaping the NXIVM Cult: A Mother's Fight To Save Her Daughter.

The Ohio-born actress Sara Fletcher has recently acted in Puppy Place and Beyond the Dark. She will appear in the upcoming shows Do Not Watch, Lost in Love, and The Deep Dark.

Chad Heffelfinger As Zozo

Chad Heffelfinger played the role of Zozo, named for the malevolent demon of the Ouija board. Erin tries to reach her mom but instead contacts Zozo and opens a portal, and now the evil attempts to make it past the 13 curses she arranged for him.

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The twin of Cody Heffelfinger, Chad is an actor and a producer who debuted in the 2016 movie The Darkness.

Recently, he appeared on Spooky+ and Biff the Human Slayer. He will contribute his voice in the upcoming video game Dark Mean City.

Suzanne Voss As Mystic

Suzanne Voss starred as Mystic, who advise Erin to banish a vicious presence before it pass the 13 curses set by her.

Voss is an actress and a producer acknowledged for her work in The Lords of Salem, Dementia: Part II, and Contracted: Phase II. Her acting career began in 1986 with the movie Howard the Duck as Diner Patron.

She has played minor roles in Attitudes, Grand Avenue, Nash Bridges, Devils, Supersam, Criminal Minds, and more.

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Additional Cast Members

  • Christopher M. Dukes as Cop
  • Braydon Joseph Ford as Jason
  • Adam Lieberman as Father Mahoney
  • Julia Parker as Carolyn Brent

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