Who Is Yvonne Francas? Meet The Famous Producer And Actress 

Yvonne Francas, better known as the daughter of Kay Mellor, is an actress and producer by profession. She has revisited some of her mother's classic writing in TV show format.

She grew wide popularity with her BBC show, "The Syndicate." The show is running in its second season and is not hoping to end soon. Besides that, she is presently working on her new project, "Riches."

With the influence of her mother, Yvonne started her acting career very young. In 1997, she debuted on the big screen with the uncredited role of Leah in the TV movie "Jane Eyre."

Kay Mellor Daughter Yvonne Francas Age Disclosed 

The finest producer, Yvonne, is 55 years of age as of 2022.

However, she has decided not to reveal her birthday in the media. She was born in the year 1967 to her parents, Kay Mellor and Anthony Mellor.

At the age of 30, Yvonne started her acting career. She played in a handful of movies and TV series, such as Fanny and Elvis. The biggest success in her acting career came from her mother writing, "Fat Friends."

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No, Yvonne's name has not been listed on the official page of Wikipedia. However, she has been credited with an IMDB page for her acting credentials.

The famous daughter of a writer, Yvonne, was influenced by the media industry. She always believed she could portray the character of her mother's writing on the screens.

She started her career as an actress but soon shifted her interest to producing. She made her producing debut in 2003's "Between the Sheets." She produced the six episodes of the show.

Some of the big names in her production career are "The Chase," "In The Club," and "A Passionate Woman." 

Where Is Yvonne Francs Today?

Yvonne is presently busy with the production of her new TV show, Riches. However, she must be with her family in the moment of grief. 

The beloved mother of Yvonne, Kay Mellor, took her last breath on the 17th of May. The cause of death has yet to be verified by the officers and family members.

Yvonne, alongside her sibling Gaynor is busy preparing for the last rituals of their mother. Soon, an obituary notice is expected to be released from the family member.