YouTuber Michelle Phan Cult Explored

Many fans believe that the YouTuber Michelle Phan has been a victim of a cult but the lady denies it.

After knowing about her rituals and involvements, many fans have highlighted that the lady is caught in a cult trap.

Several mentioned that more than 15 cults have existed in the last decade and it could be another insight.

However, responding to the claims, Michelle said that she was not in a cult or any imaginary belief and gave a point about her good involvement.

As things are, no such involvement of the lady is known.

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Michelle Phan And Joe Dispenza Relationship

Michelle Phan disclosed that she was inspired by Joe Dispenza and is learning the rituals from the man.

As reported by Paper, Phan spent $1999 on a week-long retreat in San Diego and learned the steps from Dispenza.

The man is known for his motivational and other spiritual talks. His story of healing his six broken vertebrae with mind control and positivity still bamboozles people.

After learning from Joe, Michelle trains for hours daily where she mostly undergoes undisturbed meditation for hours as she disclosed.

Michelle Phan Boyfriend 2022

Michelle Phan is still believed to be with his long-term boyfriend, Dominique Capraro, in 2022.

The couple is together for more than a decade after they first started dating back in 2010.

Although they are not yet married, there have been rumors of their engagement and wedding in recent times.

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