Yasmin Bossoughian From MSNBC: Fetch Her Wikipedia & Bio Facts

Despite being a well-known journalist, Yasmin is still a long way from being listed on Wikipedia's official page. On the other hand, her professional accomplishments can be found on a variety of different websites.

Similarly, she is a New York City-based award-winning journalist who attended Cornwall Central High School before transferring to Northfield Mount Hermon School, where she graduated in 1996.

Besides, she completed her undergraduate studies at Occidental College from 1996 to 2000, with a Bachelor's degree in economics and history.

Yasmin began her job as a production assistant at E! after graduating from college. Moreover, she departed Morning Joe in September 2020, handing over the reins to Kasie Hunt.

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What Happened To Her Face?

Many people believe Yasmin is struggling from a long-term ailment altering her face. However, Yasmin seems to be in excellent health at the moment.

Besides, Bossoughian spoke to MSNBC in 2019 about her large birthmark, which had tormented her since she was a youngster. She had said earlier in the session that she had learned to appreciate her purple birthmark instead of being concerned about it.

Per the anchor, it is impossible for a woman to survive in today's atmosphere if she does not begin to accept any scar on her physique.

The birthmark spans the whole left leg of the MSNBC anchor. Moreover, Yasmin Vossoughian got oral surgery after recuperating from Bell Palsy, as per sources. 

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Meet Journalist Yasmin Bossoughian Husband

A quick glance at Yasmin Bosssoughain's Instagram account reveals that she is captivated by her husband, Whit Clifford. After four years of marriage, the mother of two is itching to celebrate the golden jubilee with her devoted husband.

Clifford and the HLN news journalist began a romantic connection in late 2015. The first photo of the couple on Bossoughian's Instagram was posted on August 23, 2015.

The pair got engaged in March 2016 to deepen their romance. On March 28, 2016, the famed journalist tweeted a photo with her partner while hiking in Ireland, showing off an engagement ring.

The marriage vows were exchanged three months later, on June 25, 2016.