Who Is The Woman Arrested For Playing With Legos At 100? Unusual Incident

Ruth Bryant of North Carolina celebrated her 100th birthday by checking something off her bucket list: she was arrested and spent time in jail.

She'd never been arrested before, but on her 100th birthday, she decided to cross something off her bucket list: going to jail in handcuffs. Even Bryant's daughter had no idea what to expect from the celebration.

Deputies handcuffed her when they arrived at her assisted living facility. She even fought arrest by kicking them in the face.

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What Are The Actual Charges?

Deputies arrived and accused Ruth Bryant of indecent exposure on a recent visit to the Roxboro Fire Department, and friends and family gathered to celebrate had no idea there would be a short delay in the birthday cake ritual.

"Are you Miss Bryant?" a cop approached the birthday girl with handcuffs, sirens blaring. Bryant was complicit in the ruse, which included the charge levied against her.

The birthday girl was only in jail for a few minutes and was even given an orange jumpsuit as a birthday present.

Bryant played her role in the scene, even jokingly "resisting" arrest by lightly kicking her foot into the front seat of the police car sitting outside the assisted living facility.

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