Why Was Marvin Achi Replaced? What Happened To Him On Big Brother 24?

Marvin Achi, former contestant on Big Brother 24. ( Source : Cartermatt )

Marvin Achi from Big Brother 24 has been replaced with Joseph Abdin and the fans are shocked at the new replacement.

Big Brother 24 delivered its first jaw-dropping season reveal tonight. Just hours after his casting was revealed, Marvin Achi is no longer a member of the ensemble.

To sum up, we weren't prepared for this significant of a stunner before the season. Joseph Abdin, a 24-year-old attorney from Lake Worth, Florida, has taken over for Marvin. Last season, we also had a last-minute replacement due to factors related to the global health issue.

Why Was Marvin Achi Replaced? What Happened To Him?

Fans will undoubtedly want to know why Marvin had to be changed at the last minute, while the reason why is unknown. And the fandom's theories will probably go wild.

Season 24 news was announced late on July 5 via the Big Brother Twitter account. The show talked about the replacement of Marvin but they did not explain why the replacements were made.

Achi has also stayed quiet on the situation and has not revealed why he will not be showing up on Big Brother 24. It is unclear at the moment the reason behind the replacement.

However, Big Brother 24 was very excited to announce Joseph as the replacement for Marvin. Maybe in the future, we will get the reasons for the replacement but as of now, there has been no news.

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Who Was Marvin Achi? 

Marvin, who is 28 years old and is from Rivers State in Nigeria, now resides in Houston, Texas. He is an engineer who specializes in chemical processing and is experienced with reality competitions. Marvin had previously tried out for Season 17 of America's Got Talent in 2022. He conducted a scientific experiment, removed his shirt, and flexed after "accidentally" spilling chemicals on it.

Marvin Achi was among the houseguests competing in Big Brother 24 on July 5. He is, regrettably, no longer associated with the season.

Marvin was technically advanced to the next round by the judges, but he hasn't appeared on the show since his audition. It appears that he was fired from Big Brother 24 based on his original casting.

Marvin had a chance to discuss his game plan with Parade before his untimely boot. He seemed very confident about his game plan and himself and he seemed very prepared to join Big Brother 24.

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Replacement Is Not A New Thing In Big Boss

Big Brother 24 could have experienced the same issue as Big Brother 23: a positive coronavirus (COVID-19) test before the season started.

Claire Rehfuss wasn't intended to appear in season 23, as fans may recall. She was a backup who would only appear if something went wrong with the regular cast. Claire was fortunate that there was.

Christie Valdiserri was among the houseguests vying for the Big Brother 23 grand prize, according to CBS. Christie, however, tested positive for COVID-19 a few days prior to the film's debut. Come on, Claire.

The show must go on despite the fact that Marvin was fired less than a day before the debut; we don't know why. And now, Joseph is a brand-new house guest, giving followers another person to obsessively research.

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