Why Was Dejounte Murray In Jail And What Was He Arrested For?

Dejounte was arrested in middle school, he was sent to juvenile detention, and he was exposed to crime and drugs early in his life. He stated that he was in and out of the detention center as a child. 

Unfortunately, early exposure to drugs in his life, it embedded with that lifestyle, thus early on the age of five, he knew what drugs were and started to involve in illegal business. 

However, his life changed when he established a relationship with basketball, he started to play as a point guard to get off the stress and focus on his grades. 

Change in his habits brought an ultimate change in his life, thus he was able to capitalize on an opportunity to make it into the NBA through his diligence and determination. 

Dejounte Murray Sister: Who Is She?

Dejounte Murray's Sister is the source of his strength and inspiration, her name is Ja'Caiyah, she is 18 years old, and both of them seem to share a strong connection with one another. 

Likewise, He bought the car for his sister, after she got good grades in her school and stayed out of trouble in her school. 

Besides, he also did the same thing for his brother who secured a 3.8 GPA, he brought him gifts for his accomplishments. The All-star athlete has not forgotten his family as he tends to take better care of them. 

Dejounte Murray Net Worth Today 2022

Dejounte Murray's worth is estimated to be 1-5 million dollars, he has signed a contract with San Antonio of 64 million guarantees pay his average salary is 16 million. 

Also, in 2021-2022, Murray's base is nearly 15.5 million dollars, the 25-year-old seems to be earning significant wealth through his diligence and dedication on the basketball court. 

Despite, his wealth, he seems to be humble to his roots and shares his love and richness with his family. His contributions and love towards his culture and society seem to bring strength to him.