Why Did Amber Heard Say My Dog Stepped On A Bee? Context Of The Statement

Amber Heard used the viral statement when Depp allegedly instigated a cavity search on her for drugs he believed she was hiding.

The Aquaman star recalled that once Jonny Depp held her dog outside the window of the car. However, the main reason for the statement to be viral was her unique and strange facial expression after the statement.

Amber and Johnny were going to Hicksville Trailer Palace to take "laughy drugs," including mushrooms and MDMA. The celebrity couple at that time completely trashed the Trailer.

While explaining her testimony, Amber made the statement about the dog and described that they took her to the vet the next day.

The statement came as a surprise and caught everybody off guard, even her lawyer. While social media is leaning toward Johnny Depp, Amber's statement surfaced on the internet as memes.

My Dog Stepped On A Bee Viral Memes On TikTok Explained

Amber Heard's statement "My dog stepped on a bee" has been circulated throughout social media as memes.

On the 5th of May, a TikTok user posted an edit of the scene where Heard says the line followed by a cut to an attorney saying, "objection, relevance". The video was a satire on Amber for her unlogical statement in the middle of a trial.

@jeff.rad On a serious note I hope that doggos okay! 😅 #amberheard #johnnydepp #comedy ♬ original sound - Jeff

The video gained about 13.8 million views in just four days. A large group of people is making Amber a meme queen, and a petition to remove her from Aquaman is going hard.

Soon the above-mentioned video became a trend, and hundreds of people come out with their creative ideas. The most entertaining meme of Amber came from the YouTuber Griesgram.

He posted a remix clip of Amber's statement with his magical beats and tunes. This new way of entertaining memes has crossed more than 350K views on the platform.

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