Who Were Garrett Cribb And Gabriel Cribb?

Garrett Cribb and Gabriel Cribb are twin brothers who used to live in Franklin County in North Carolina. 

The 16-year-old kid were sophomores at their high school. The pair were interested in wrestling and cars. The twin duo used to spend time together out by the lake.

The news of their untimely death has come as a shock. Community members are mourning the death of the two lost gems of society. 

On Thursday, May 19, people around the community came together to celebrate the life of the kids. Their fun-loving and helpful personality will be forever matched. 

Twins' Death In A Franklin Country Car Accident

As mentioned above, 16-year-old twins met in a fatal car accident on Wednesday night in Franklin County.

The two brothers used to work in an undisclosed place, and we're coming back home after finishing the Wednesday night shift. 

While driving Howard Tant Road, the teen's vehicle went off the shoulder and struck an embankment and ditch. Later on, their vehicle got slammed into a tree.

Nearby withness called the police department, which has taken charge of the incident. They are busy with their investigation and have not released any details about the case.

However, it is an active case of an accident causing the life of two innocent twin brothers.

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Meet Garrett Cribb And Gabriel Cribb Family And GoFundMe

The mourning parents of the two teens are Robert & Michelle, who are pleading for donations through GoFund Me.

GoFund Me is a non-profit organization helping the one in need. Now, they have joined hands with the parents of the teen boys, Garrett and Gabriel.

GoFund Me has raised upto 30K dollars, while the expected donation is upto 20K.
GoFund Me has raised upto 30K dollars, while the expected donation is upto 20K.

They are finding it hard to pay the costs of their children's sudden funeral and have appealed to the citizen to donate. They are willing to have a proper burial of their children. 

Social media is flooded with waves of condolences for the twin brother. At the same time, many people have joined hands to donate to the cause of the funeral.