Who Killed Crystal Rogers?

The lead suspect in the case is believed to be Brooks Houck the boyfriend of Crystal. However, Nick's brother of Brooks is suspected of being the assailant of the crime that his brother is accused of. 

Nick was fired from the force when he failed to fulfill his duty, and he was interfering and making decisions based on his bais as he was helping the suspect of Crystal Roger's disappearance by not cooperating with the police. 

Later on, he also got ethically questioned as to his polygraph test, and he does not seem to have done well on the test. Thus, Nick was fired from the force, and it was also reported that his car of Crystal was dumped on the road, and the prints in the car were all cleaned. 

Was Crystal Rogers Ever Found? Her Culprit Not Disclosed

No, she was never found, the search has been still going on, and her case has been highlighted by a New FBI agent who highlights that the case is likely to be solved in the coming period. 

Likewise, the case further added a layer of mystery as the father of Roger, Tommy Ballard, 54, was shot and killed when he was hunting with his eldest grandson. His death was ruled out suicide; Ballard had never fired his gun. 

The lead suspect of the case, their boyfriend of Roger, has not been convicted as he was able to tackle the investigation, and there were only a few pieces of circumstantial evidence that linked him to the case. 

Update Today 2022: Crystal Rogers Disappearance

FBI agent has reopened the investigation on the case with the support of state police; FBI got a tipline about the Bardstown neighborhood in a Woodlawn Springs home, where items of interest were discovered. 

Moreover, authorities have found out that Roger used to hold an actual state license when he was together with his partner. 

Also, Houck was building homes and selling them in that neighborhood. FBI is also investigating other unsolved cases related to Tommy Ballard, Jason Ellis, and Netherlands cases.