Who Is Yaakov Kedmi?

 Kedmi is a former director of the Israeli intelligence agency Nativ. He was born in Moscow and studied transportation engineering at the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers.

He made headlines on February 19, 1967, when he walked past a police guard and into the Israeli embassy in Moscow, where he applied for repatriation.

He worked with the Israeli consulate section at the Dutch Embassy in Moscow from 1988 until 1990. Kedmi was named director of Nativ by Yitzhak Shamir in 1992.

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Russian TV Pundit Speech On Telegram

A Russian state commentator has instructed his country's military to target Britain's electricity stations to return us to the Stone Age.

Russia should strike the UK with its Zircon missile, a hypersonic missile capable of reaching 6,670mph, according to Russian broadcaster Yaakov Kedmi.

Kedmi's frantic statements follow former colonel Mikhail Khodarenok's warning that Russia was in 'complete geopolitical isolation' following its invasion of Ukraine.

If Russia launched a nuclear assault, Britain would be "thrown into the sea" and "drowned in a radioactive wave," according to Kremlin propaganda.

Yaakov Kedmi Wife: Who Is She?

Yaakov's wife, Edith, is a food chemist who previously worked for Israel's Ministry of Defense.

 They had two sons and a daughter together.

The married couple's eldest son attended the Interdisciplinary College in Herzliya and held two higher education credentials.

The daughter received her diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts.

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Yaakov Kedmi Age: How Old Is He Now?

On March 5, 1947, Yaakov was born. His age is 75.

Iosif Yakovlevich Kazakov and Sofia Yakovlevna Kazakova were his parents. He studied transportation engineering at the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers.

In early 1967, he petitioned for Aliyah at the Israeli embassy in Moscow. Because he was a KGB operative, Israeli diplomats originally refused.

After openly relinquishing Soviet citizenship in May 1968, Kedmi penned an impassioned letter to Nehemiah Levanon in December of that year, initially addressed to the Supreme Soviet.

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