Who Is Scott Phillip White? Murderer Behind Scott Johnson Death 

Scott Phillip is a criminal who has been accused of murder. He has been found guilty in the court's law for throwing then 27-year-old Scott Johnson below the cliff.

His body was recovered at the base of a cliff near Manly's North Head in 1988. Scott was an American mathematician. At first, the case was listed as suicide.

However, after three coronial inquests officer charged White over the murder in 2020. To everyone's surprise, White pleaded guilty during a pre-trial hearing. The decision was shocking as it came unexpectedly.

Once White's wife asked him whether he killed Johnson or not, to which he replied, "the only good poofter is a dead poofter". Johnson and White were close with each other at some point in time.

Meet Scott Phillip White Family: Where Is He Now?

Scott has not mentioned any details about his family on the internet. Only once was the criminal's ex-wife has given interviewed on the media, which gave a clue about his married life.

His ex-wife once asked White whether he had killed Johnson or not. The criminal sarcastically approached the answer. The ex-wife sent an anonymous letter to a detective explaining the involvement of her then-husband in criminal activity.

Besides that, Johnson's family is relieved in a sense after the White pleaded guilty. They shed tears for more than a decade to seek justice for their son.

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Read About Scott Phillip White On Wikipedia

Presently, Scott Phillip's name has not been listed on the official site of Wikipedia.

Scott came into the limelight for his criminal activities. He pleaded guilty to killing a close friend at a certain point, Scott Johnson. Both of them are identified as gay, and they first met on North Head.

Both Scott met each other in the bar and were about to have a good time. However, White admitted to punching Johnson to the ground. The naked body of Johnson was found down the cliff.