Who Is Owen Woodward?

Owen Woodward has had a promising career since his high school days. He seems to be in his early to mid-20s. He has a good balance, a quick arm, and strong extension in his pitches. 

Similarly, he also had the ability to bat with his explosive strength. He was 6 feet 3 inches in height and nearly 190 pounds in weight. He had played for Breckenridge High School and transferred to Weatherford College after his graduation. 

Despite having a bright future and optimum support from his environment, Owen seems to lack self-control and discipline for him to focus on the game and remain calm about his circumstances. 

Weatherford Baseball Pitcher- Josh Philips Attack Video On Twitter

In the video, it can be seen that after the first baseman Josh Philips hits a home run which gives North Central Texas College the lead in the game. While running in the game, Owen decides to tackle the player as he comes towards the third base. 

It was a surprise to the player and the teammates of the Weatherford as they were bewildered by the situation. The teammates of Lion's players stood up from their seats, but the situation did not lead to a fight as Josh continued the run and made it to the plate. 

However, the game was suspended for the day. Thus it was likely that the North Central had a good head in the game and was making strides to win the match, but the action taken by Weatherford halted the match. 

Is Owen Woodward Arrested?

Owen Woodward has not been arrested, his actions are being investigated by Weatherford police, and the head coach of Weatherford apologized publicly to North Central Texas College.

The coach stated that the behavior should not be tolerated, and Owen is unlikely to play the game the whole year. Likewise, there is the possibility of Owen facing expulsion from baseball as well. 

Likewise, NCTC also released their statement appreciating the accountability of the head coach, and they are trying not to include him in any plays for this year.