Who Is Sugar Bear New Girlfriend Heather Rood?

Sugar Bear's girlfriend, Heather Rood is a nurse at a non-profit and religious hospital.

She is also a single mother to her young son. Besides that, she has not disclosed many details about her educational background and early career.

Rood is also a partner of TV and internet personality, Sugar Bear urf Mike Thompson. It seems that the star has fallen hard for the young single mother.

Since Mike still features in the TV show, Mama June: Not Too Hot, Heather might appear on it if their relationship continues.

Heather Rood Age- How Old Is She?

Heather Rood is 49 years of age as reported by The Sun.

Her precise birthday details are out of the window. But she resides in Georgia, has a white ethnicity, and she is an American citizen.

On the contrary, Rood's lover, Sugar Bear is 50 years old.

Meet Heather Rood On Instagram

Heather Rood is present on Instagram as @jeasmommy.

She is often tagged on posts by her boyfriend, Sugar Bear. She garners over 1.7K followers which seems to be ascending with every passing hour.

Rood's beau Mike, on the other hand, has earned 69K subscribers so far. 

What Is Heather Rood Net Worth?

As of May 2022, Heather Rood's net worth details remain unexplored.

She makes a whopping amount from her healthcare career. Besides, she might have collected a decent fortune from her earnings and investments.

However, Heather's partner Thompson is estimated to have a wealth of around $2 Million.

Does Heather Rood Have Children?

Heather Rood does have a young child from her past union.

She is the mother of a boy named Jea. She has not revealed his pictures to the media but he is obviously as good-looking as his mother.

Rood's boyfriend, Mike is also the father of a daughter named Alana Honey 'Boo Boo' Thompson. He shares his daughter with Mama June.

Sugar Bear Split With Wife Jennifer Lamb

Sugar Bear and his former wife Jennifer Lamb got divorced in December of 2021.

They were having arguments and Bear was rumored to be cheating on her as well. Besides, Mike did not seem interested in Lamb after she lost about 100 pounds of weight.

Although the precise reason behind their separation can not be pinpointed, all of these things seem to have affected their relationship.