Who Is Eniola Ajao Husband?

As per the Instagram post of Hrm Oloto, which he posted on May 3, Eniola Ajao and Hrm have been married together for seven years.

According to Hrm's Instagram bio, he is the CEO of F.Oloto Construction Ltd. Hrm has registered his Instagram account under the username @hrmoloto.

We can find several images of Eniola and Hrm being shared on their Instagram account, which has gotten more than a hundred likes.

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Eniola Ajao Real Age

Eniola Ajao has remained silent about her age. Her social media photographs, however, indicate that she is in her thirties.

Her twin sister and Ajao are the youngest of her parents' six children. Ajao attended Epe's Saint Michael's Anglican Primary School and Army Secondary School.

Ajao claims that she has desired to be an actress since she was a child. Ajao went on to Yaba College of Technology and, subsequently, the University of Lagos, where she received her accounting degree.

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Eniola Ajao 20 Year Old Son Photos

Many of her fans were astonished when Eniola Ajao recently disclosed her 20-year-old kid.

Many of her fans couldn't believe she had a son, let alone one who was 20 years old. Some people even mistook the photos for a pre-wedding shoot.

Discussing Eniola Ajao's daughter, it seems like she has a daughter with her husband, Hrm Oloto. We are not sure if the girl is Eniola's biological daughter.

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