Who Is The Missing UIC Student Daniel Sotelo? 

Daniel Sotelo is an undergrad student who had been studying at the UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The student was just a couple of days away from graduating with a master's degree in Organic Chemistry. His graduation ceremony took place last week, and the bright student didn't attend the ceremony.

Daniel was very enthusiastic about joining an organic farm in Naperville after his graduation, but he is nowhere to be found. He was last seen by his roommate who dropped him off at the Roosevelt Red Line stop.

When asked by his roommate where he was headed, Daniel just mentioned he is going North. After, that Daniel was found missing on the 30th of April.

However, a new twist came into the play during his disappearance. His girlfriend, Natally Brookson was found dead on Lake Michigan on the 12th of May.

Natally Brookson Boyfriend Daniel Sotelo Is Still Missing As She Is Found Dead

The 22-year-old, Natally Brookson was last seen on the 30th of April while leaving for work in the Budlong Woods neighborhood.

After continuous investigation, Natally's dead body was retrieved from Lake Michigan. For the autopsy, Natally was taken to the Cook County Medical Examination.

However, the report is yet to be official and the cause of death is still questionable. She was a senior at the UIC college, and the community is asking queries about the suspected murder of Natally.

The family of Natally has broken down hearing the news and is asking for justice. While Natally's boyfriend Daniel is still missing. His family is busy on his searching for him with the help of officials.

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Meet Daniel Sotelo's Family On Facebook

The missing student, Daniel's sister Jennifer Sotelo is only found on Facebook.

Jennifer's Facebook wall is full of the missing reports of her brother and his girlfriend. After the death news of her brother's girlfriend, she posted a tribute to her on social media.

Besides that, Daniel's family is in close contact with Natally's parents with the words of strength. However, they are still busy for searching their missing son.

They are using social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to find Daniel. People are praying for the safety of Daniel and on the other hand, are passing the wave of condolences to Natally.