Who Is Chef Nicolas De Zubiria? Wikipedia & Biografia Facts

Nicolas De Zubiria is a chef and co-owner of the NN and Kong eateries in Colombia, both of which have a solid reputation.

With Frank Truck, he has also delved into the realm of food trucks, and he is now working on new initiatives in Bogota.

Despite the fact that the chef does not have a Wikipedia page, his biography can be found on various websites.

When he opted to study in Vancouver, Canada, his career as a chef began. After finishing his education in 2004, he moved to Bogotá, Colombia, and began working as a chef in several restaurants in the city.

Years later, he is regarded as one of Colombia's culinary masters, renowned for his richly flavored meals, textures, and inventiveness, all to provide customers with a memorable experience.

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Dishes Worth At Nicolas De Zubiria Restaurants

Nicolas De Zubiria, a reality show jury, is Mauricio Mancini's collaborator. Together, they founded the 'NN Food Hall,' a square-style food hall in which numerous restaurants are integrated and render menus including menus hamburgers, chicken, sushi, pasta, and more.

As per Tripadvisor, the prices of the meals vary from 38,000 to 227,000 Colombian pesos, depending on how precise and intricate the food is.

Nicolás, on the other hand, has a second chain of restaurants where he provides a somewhat less expensive menu that is more budget-friendly.

Reportedly, the restaurant's name is 'Sir Frank,' and diners may order hot dogs, hamburgers, cobs, and sandwiches for as little as 16 thousand pesos.

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Net Worth And Earnings Of Chef Nicolas De Zubiria

Nicolas De Zubiria's net worth, however, is still unknown. It's safe to presume that the chef has amassed a sizable wealth both via his career and through his restaurant ownership.

Chef Nicolas has built restaurants that have a great name in the culinary market, as previously said. In addition, he is a judge on a cooking program, which may have contributed to his net worth accretion.