Who Is Bustagang Macbrother?

Bustagang Macbrothe, whose real name is Marques, is supposed brother of Jahmar D'Angelo. 

The native of Chicago, Illinois is trending on the internet after a Facebook live. 

According to his Facebook profile, Macbrother went to Harvard University and works at True Religion Brand Jeans. 

He is the father to two beautiful children, Marques jr & Sa’Riyah Lawrence but he has not said anything about his partner or wife. 

However, his partner can be seen comforting him on the Facebook Live video he recently shared with his followers. 

Much information about his personal life and his actual relationship with Jahmar has not come to the surface yet, however, he claims to be the brother of the victim. Most probably Marques and Jahmar are very good friends. 

Bustagang Macbrother Facebook Live Video

Bustgang Macbrother shared a Facebook Live video with his friends on the platform on May 17. 

The video has been watched by hundreds of thousands of people as of now, he is seen in agony after losing his brother to suicide in the video. 

Macbrother details the circumstance of his brother Jahmar's suicide in the video. He is heard shouting 'he shot himself in my bathroom, Jahmar is gone, bro". 

Then he is heard detailing the circumstance, Macbrother says, he saw Jahmar's status on Facebook and went there to check on him but he did not respond from inside. He then tried to break the door but heard shots from inside. 

We can also hear other people talking in the background and trying to comfort Macbrother. We can also hear the police siren in distance as well. 

Did Bustagang Macbrother Suicide Or Was It Murder?

Bustgang Macbrother's brother Jahmar is said to have committed suicide. 

However, according to several other sources, Jahmar is said to have been murdered. 

Furthermore, police have ruled his death as homicided and the investigation is going on. Bustgang aka Marques is the prime suspect in the case according to Reddit

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