Who Is Aimee Arrambide? Wikipedia Details Of Executive Director Of Avow Texas

Aimee Arrambide is a contemporary abortion rights campaigner and the program manager and reproductive rights policy expert at Public Leadership Institute. 

After witnessing a plethora of abundant pain and chaos in families and teenagers who were far too afraid to bring a naive soul into this wicked world, Aimee decided to make a goal for her life. She chose abortion rights advocacy to serve the needy people, and to date, she has gathered valuable experiences and legal information on the subject according to Showbiz Cast.

Arrambide has worked in the reproductive rights and justice movement for the majority of her professional career. 

She studied Philosophy at the University of Texas and completed her internship at NARAL Pro-Choice Texas. She has also studied at New York Law School. 

Aimee worked as a health educator at Texas Planned Parenthood after graduation. She also worked as the Director of Public Affairs at NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, a legal fellow at RH Reality Check, and the Director of Policy and Advocacy at the Texas Women’s Healthcare Coalition.

She presently serves on the Advisory Council of ReproAction, a new direct action group established to promote access to abortion and advance reproductive rights, and as Co-President of Fund Texas Choice, a practical assistance abortion fund. Aimee is the co-editor of the Abortion Rights Playbook according to the University Of Austin.

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Aimee Arrambide Testimony Details: Can Men Get Pregnant And Abortion? 

Aimee Arrambide testified men can get pregnant and have abortions before the House Judiciary Committee according to Fox News

However, the majority of people might not agree with the statement made by Arrambide and social media is going out of control. 

Following the testimony, a Twitter user wrote, this woman Aimee Arrambide must be the most idiotic..most dumbest..the most tarded person ever to think a MAN..a BIOLOGICAL man WITH a pe**s can get pregnant and have an abortion. WTFF is wrong with this woman?🙄

Another wrote, what biology book did Aimee Arrambide read that stated that biological men can get pregnant and could have abortions? She and the democrats are clueless about life and are to "WOKE" if they believe this.