Jay Cutler's Affair With Friend's Wife

Jay has been accused of having an affair with his friend's wife blatantly. This news has created a buzz, and people are paying great attention to it. It appears that the accusation has a truth in it.

As per In Touch Weekly, Jay along with his kids and his friend's family went for a vacation together, they all are neighbors too. Thus, they all were very familiar with each other, and their kids were friends.

On vacation, Jay's friend found out about the affair between his wife and friend. In that altercation, it was revealed that his wife and Jay had been together for a long time, and that moment was not the first stance of their hooking up.

People are shocked to find out about it and are expressing their thought on the Internet. As of now, the identity of his friend has not been revealed for obvious reasons.

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Who Is Jay's New Girlfriend?

Jay's new girlfriend is a mystery, and many names have come forward since his divorce from Kristin Cavallari. Jay was reported to have been dated Jana Kramer, as per The Sun

However, that relationship did not last that long. After that, there were also rumors about him dating Tomi Lahren. However, this has not been verified by either of the parties involved, so the veracity of this news is still questionable.

Jay was married to Kristin. The former couple married each other after dating for a while in 2013. Before their marriage, they had an issue after engagement, but they sort it out and went forward marrying each other.

They have three beautiful children together, two sons and one daughter. More information can be expected soon regarding the accusations against Jay in the future.