Who Are Morgan and Binh?

One of the five couples from the forthcoming season of MAFS is Morgan and Binh. The two chose to take part in the show in the hopes of finding love.

They've been featured in a variety of news portals and stories since their names were revealed as the new cast of MAFS.

Morgan's profession is that of a certified nurse, and she rose to fame after her name was disclosed as one of the cast members of MAFS (season15).

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Morgan And Binh Hometown: Where Are The Couple From?

Morgan is an American citizen who hails from Bakersfield, California.

Binh is a first-generation Asian American and an engineer whose parents moved to the United States from Vietnam.

The network shared the most recent photos of newlyweds who agreed to the ultimate experiment of marrying at first sight.

Morgan And Binh Age Gap

Morgan is currently 27 years old, according to eonline.com.

Binh, on the other hand, is 29 years old. As a result, Morgan and Binh are two years apart in age.

Season 15 will premiere on Lifetime on May 25 and will be situated in San Diego, the first west coast site for the show, which previously followed couples in Boston and Houston.

Morgan And Binh Family

Morgan and Binh look to be family-oriented.

Morgan is planning to settle down, and Binh intends to form strong relationships with his future wife and children.

Binh's parents met in a refugee camp in New Orleans after escaping Vietnam.

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