Nth Room: Who Are GodGod & Baska?

A man named Baska and his subordinate GodGodwere the ones who were involved in the sexual exploitation of girls by uploading vacancy posts on the social media account Twitter and collecting their personal information. 

To emphasize, the information was later used to blackmail the girls into filming sexual videos. The two individuals Baska and GodGod created chat rooms, which held 200,000 people who were interested in paying dominated and depraving videos of young girls. 

It was estimated that 60,000 people acted as the demand and supply for this illegal venture to run, as they were at the receiving and paying end of this exploitative transaction. 

Nth Room Korea Scandal Wiki, Where Are They Now?

Nth Room is the sexual abuse scandal in Korea, that was accessible in the Telegram app from 2018-to 2019. It was a slave sexual ring-opened to the paying viewers. 

An nth room covered all the eight rooms where young girls were blackmailed into uploading exploitative and rough photos of themselves. 

The Harassers GodGod and subordinates of Baska would threaten the young girls into revealing their intimate photos to their partners, family members, friends, and colleagues. 

In some cases, the locations of women were also discovered and they were stalked and assaulted sexually by the abusers filming the crime. 

As a result, the nth room has been deleted and investigated by the Korean authorities, and the perpetrator of the crimes was arrested and sentenced to prison.

GodGod and Baksa Real Name And Family

Baska was the person who was the ring leader of this infamous criminal enterprise. His real name is Cho Ju-Bin, and he was sentenced to 42 years in prison. 

Similarly, GodGod's real name is Cho Ju-bin who was arrested and sentenced to 34 years, thus both of their sentences were shorter considering the extent of their crimes. 

Therefore, they did not believe that they would be arrested, as they seem to be cautious and received payment in form of gift cards. Their method of cybercrime was also encrypted and they never used their own phone.