What Was Trevor Strnad Net Worth At The Time Of His Death? How Much Has Be Collected Through The Black Dahlia Murder Band?

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The Internet has been speculating Trevor Strand's net worth. The recently dead artist had stated prior to his death that he does not have much worth, and the vocalist of The Black Dahlia Band is disappointed by his income. 

Trevor Strand is the frontrunner and vocalist of The Black Dahlia Band his band members rhythm guitarist Brian Eschbach, bassist Max Lavelle, drummer Alan Cassidy, and the lead guitarist Brandon Ellis is all in mourning.

 Trevor had a good relationship with his band members, they issued a small eulogy on social media about the artist, and his family was also grieving the death of the star. 

What Was Trevor Strand Net Worth At The Time Of His Death?

Trevor Strand had stated that there is not much money from the music, as the money seems to circulate on the well-being of the band and the release of the song. 

In addition, he stated that his fans are not buying the album, rather they seem to be pirating the album and releasing the music for free which seems to create difficulty for the artist depending on the sales of the music. 

Moreover, the commission from agents, distributors and salesperson seems to take their hard-earned money. Moreover, this issue was most prevalent from 2016-to 2018, but at present, the artist might be releasing their songs on OTT platforms such as Spotify. 

Also, the integration of other platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube has enabled them to earn sufficient wealth. 

Likewise, Strand has not disclosed his wealth but it can be speculated from the earnings of his colleagues that he usually earns 5589 dollars from tours, and they are likely to have a yearly income of 35000 dollars. 

Hence, in net worth, it is likely that the Strand has about 50-100k dollars. However, this speculation is not accurate as it is depicted through the analysis of his colleague's worth. 

Trevor Strand Earnings And Assets Collected

Trevor usually earns from the sales of music and tours, he also earns from sponsorships and product placement in his tours. 

Moreover, mostly deals with OTT platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and other music companies seem to provide more prompt financial rewards than sales. 

Unfortunately, details about his assets are unavailable, he seems to have stable financial earnings thus there are a probability of him investing in property and assets as well. 



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