What Happened To Rishi Dhawan Face?

Rishi Dhawan was injured in a domestic game of the Ranji Trophy. He suffered a head injury as he was struck in the face while following through his second round of the domestic tournament. 

Prior to the beginning of the IPL, the cricket player seems to have undergone surgery due to his injury in the domestic game.

Consequently, Dhawan was rushed to the hospital after the injury through various scans and procedures the players gradually returned to normal. 

He has been grabbing headlines and the attention of every audience by wearing the face mask, as the fans of the game are unaware of the player's health, as he has returned to IPL after 6 years of his game. 

Rishi Dhawan Surgery Details Revealed

Rishi Dhawan went through Surgery before the start of the IPL. Likewise, he has faced a head injury due to the ball being struck in his face. 

Rishi Dhawan seems to have gone through a series of surgery due to his unfortunate injury. However, the player is giving a hundred percent of his effort by achieving personal and team through his effort. 

Likewise, the player had remained on hiatus for six years, as he had not appeared in the IPL due to his health issues and his focus on the domestic cup. 

Hence, after noticing his astounding victory and growth his debut club gave him an opportunity to prove his mettle in the IPL after a long time. 

Why Is Rishi Dhawan Wearing a Mask?

In order to protect his wounds and injury and also in order to protect his head from any unfortunate injury, the player seems to be wearing a mask. 

Moreover, it is imperative for the player to take protection as he has faced a severe head injury that wounded him mortally, thus it is prudent for the player to take care of his health and make his play with full confidence.