What Happened To Rikki Neave? James Watson Finally Jailed Over Her Murder

The six year old boy Rikki Neave, who got murdered ( Source : Bbc )

Rikkie Naeve's murder was almost a cold case now with the suspect being out and about for more than 2 decades. However, in the current development, 28 years later, 41-year-old James Watson has been sentenced to life as the convicted killer.

Today as Rikki gets justice in the court, we can say that there is no one who will get away from the law. Even though justice was delayed, it definitely did not get denied. Let's see what happened to Rikki, the advancement of his case, and his mother's whereabouts today.

Update: What Happened To Rikki Neave?

It's been years and years of dynamite around the six-year-old Rikki Neave's murder.  With suspects altering and the complete evolution, Rikki Neave has finally gotten the justice he deserved. 

It was a cold chilly morning, the little one went off to school on his own and never really returned. He was found strangled in the woods. The court heard James Watson who was a teenager then, saying that he lured Rikki and took him for his fantasy. 

So weird for a normal person to listen to but, he stripped him naked and posed him for his own sexual pleasure. According to the authorities, they did come across cases, where James was alleged to have masturbated over the pictures of children, touched little ones inappropriately, and many more. 

Further, Neave was a very beautiful child who got mistaken to be a girl by his own mother. He was at an age where he easily trusted strangers and also he paid the price of being an extremely lovable child who got along with anyone. 

It had been 28 years, that his dead body could not sleep, we hope today when he sees his murderer behind the bars atoning for his heinous deeds. 

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Where Is Rikki Neave's Mother Today? Meet Ruth Neave

Rikki Neave's mother Ruth Neave is in peace today. After almost 30 years of fighting for her own life, battling the deserved justice for her son, this woman was far from taking a breath of fresh air. 

We remember how she was alleged of killing her own son. She expresses her deepest regret for not accompanying her child to school the day he got murdered in the 14-day trial in front of the jurors. 

Being the primary suspect in the initial years, she was, however, pleaded not guilty in the year 1996. This was still not enough for society to spare her, from being called a careless mother to people not being satisfied with the verdict, Miss Neave had to go through all of the traumatic years. 

Ruth Neave, who was not present for the punishment, issued a statement following it denouncing Watson's behavior. She said that the monster James Watson not only killed her beloved son Rikki but also started a series of events that have wrecked her life and the lives of her children.

It has spread far and wide, like stones thrown into a pond.

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