What Happened To Lora Lee Michel?

Lora Lee Michel, a well-known child actress from Schulenburg, vanished in 1963.

In 1950, she was involved in one of the most well-publicized custody battles between her biological and adopted parents, causing a sensation in Hollywood.

On September 13, 1940, Michel was born in La Grange, Texas. Barbara Michel Wright is her only living sibling.

When Michel was five years old, her birth mother, Lena Smith Brunson, placed her and two other younger siblings up for adoption. Otto and Lorraine Michel of Schulenburg, Texas, adopted her.

Lora was the subject of a custody battle in Beverly Hills, California, in 1950, in which she claimed her adoptive mother had beaten and malnourished her.

Where Is Former Child Star Now?

Lora Lee Michel's family has been wondering where she has been since she went missing.

She went through a highly publicized child custody battle in court that made headlines in Hollywood.

Lora returned to Texas after the courtroom play, and Michel enrolled in Saint Agnes Academy in Houston, where he participated in local theatre productions. A dog attacked her during one of these performances in 1952.

Her foster father filed a lawsuit against the American Automobile Insurance Company, saying that her facial impairment would harm her career. The court granted damages of $1,000.

Lora Lee Michel Husband Details

After divorcing her first husband, Lora married Frank Scott, a deserter from the United States Army.

In December 1962, she and Scott were arrested in El Paso, Texas, and accused of driving a stolen car across state lines in Federal court. According to press sources, she and Scott allegedly stole a 1957 Mercury showcase model in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and drove it to Houston.

After borrowing Michel's ex-automobile, husband they went on a six-month road trip across the southern and eastern United States, paying $3700 in bills with three credit cards found in the glove compartment.

Lora was sentenced to 13 months at the Federal Women's Institution in Alderson, West Virginia, while Scott was condemned to 27 months in federal prison.

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