What Happened To Fred From Youtube?

The story of the show Fred is about an individual who lives with his grandmother and Fred's mother is a drug-addicted and alcoholic stripper. Similarly, his father is a rock musician and is currently on death row in the state penitentiary. 

The show ran for six years from its Youtube days to its glory on Nickelodeon. The audience of his show seems to love the character of Fred or instantly hate the character due to his high-pitched voice. 

When the producers started a new series Fred: The show, that ran between January and August 2021, it did not receive a well-reception as the show was childish and the attitude of the cast was annoying. thus, the show was dissolved and its original creator retired. 

Where Is Lucas Cruikshank Now?

Lucas Cruikshank created his character Fred Figglehorn who became immensely popular. But due to the involvement of cable TV-like Nickelodeon, Lucas was unable to maintain his creativity as he was on Youtube. 

Despite, Nickelodean making the show more popular, it was also the reason for Lucas Cruikshank to retire from the show and the character Fred. 

At present, the actor has stated that he is gay, he seems to be focusing on more adult projects of making short movies and using his creativity on writing scripts for his projects. 

Moreover, the actor seems to be living a frivolous life on holidays, and vacations and travels to different locations with his friends. 

In addition, the actor and writer had created a new version of Fred's show on TikTok named HeyItsFred in 2020. 

Lucas Cruikshank Net Worth 2022

The actor is believed to be worth around 5 million dollars. The 28-year-old, actor seems to lead a rich and luxurious lifestyle through his early achievement in the show Fred. 

Therefore, Lucas began uploading his videos on Youtube in 2008 and started his Fred channel. He had one million views and had immense of his character between late 2008- the early 2010s.