What Happened To Andy On Station 19? 

Despite making some progress as captain of Station 23, Andy was unable to break through the "boys club" barriers.

This conversation, as well as Natasha's need to cut costs, resulted in the closure of Station 23.

Andy is commiserating with the rest of the crew at their farewell party until she gets a little tipsy and tells Theo about her conversation with Natasha.

Despite her attempts to explain her actions to the team, they leave angrily, so Andy stays and continues to drink.

To be clear, what happens next is not due to Andy's drinking.

Andy is in court in the promo for Episode 16, which airs on May 5, where she is charged with manslaughter in the first degree.

She, of course, pleads "not guilty," but Andy faces a long road that could lead her away from Station 19.

Andy was rumored to be leaving, according to Station 19.

The good news is that Station 19 isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

ABC announced in January 2022 that the series had been renewed for a sixth season.

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Andy Parents: Mother Elena Herrera Death And Father Pruitt Herrera

Andy Herrera is the daughter of Elena Herrera and the late Pruitt Herrera.

Elena, like her husband and daughter, attended the fire academy. Unlike them, however, she did not complete her training because she became pregnant with Andy.

Pruitt Herrera was the father of Andy Herrera and the former Captain of Seattle Fire Department Station 19.

Pruitt was the Captain of Seattle Fire Department Station 19 until his cancer diagnosis when he was forced to resign.

Andy was raised by wonderful parents, and she is following in their footsteps.

Why is Andy’s Mom Back?

Andy's mother appears to be returning to Station 19 to assist Andy in the manslaughter case against her.

Before Andy's mother returns in Station 19 Season 5 Episode 16, it's important to review the previous episode's flashback.

Andy recalled a time when a boy hit her in episode 15.

Elena insisted that Andy receive self-defense training from another firefighter so that she could defend herself if it happened again.

It is still the question if Elena and Andy will reconcile or not, given the circumstances. 

For that, the show must be watched. 

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